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Focus Alaska

Ever since my late mom had told me that they ate dandelion as salad during WWII, I was fascinated about what weeds one can eat. Coming to Alaska I asked about edible weeds. Interestingly, many Alaskans did not know that one can eat dandelion (first weed in the photo below) leaves as salad or as a substitute for spinach in Italian baked spinach dishes.

In an earlier post on what Alaskans grow in their yards, I already mentioned Alaska green rhubarb that also grows in the wild. The second weed in the photo below, is one that I like to put into black bean soup or in a salad as a herb. I just take the leaves and before it starts to bloom. The leaves feel a little furry.

Edible weeds Focus Alaska a series about Alaska lifestyle with travel tips and more you did not know about the Last frontier state
Alaska weeds I eat. See text for information on how I use them in my dishes


The third weed from the left is fireweed. It is named so as it is one of the first plants to grown on a wildfire scar beside a certain type of morels – mushrooms that sell pretty expensive. I like fireweed as a flower. In cooked dishes, I prefer it as herb, but not as leave side dish. It is sort of bitter – in my opinion.

The last one has sort of an onion leaves taste. Many Alaskans grow it in their yards as a decorative plant and as the first fresh greens after the long winter.

fashion over 40 red dress
Back view of eShakti motorcycle dress with Jaeger tote, Madden Girl lace-up sandals (all own)

OOTD – Wear it now, wear it later

I just bought this great red dress for fall. Since temperatures were in the lower 50s (~10oC) the other day, I already wore it. When I have something new I can’t wait to wear it as soon as possible. I added my lace-up sandals so the outfit looks appropriate for summer despite temperature suggests the contrary. The sandals pick up the tough vibe of the motorcycle style collar of this otherwise very feminine dress. The taupe tote is unexpected, but the light color pulls the look towards summer. In fall, I would add a black bag.

Do you wear some items that you bought to update your fall wardrobe already when you get a chance? What did you buy recently? Let me know by email.

fashion over 50 motorcycle dress for work
Side view of eShakti motorcycle dress with Jaeger tote, Madden Girl lace-up sandals (all own)
fashion over 40 little red dress
eShakti motorcycle dress with Jaeger tote, Madden Girl lace-up sandals (all own)


Styling a little red dress from summer for winter

Wear your little red dress from summer with a layering top and a long leather coat. Wear summer clothes by wearing a layering top underneath. It not only gives the right amount of insulation, but also adds style.

Use layering to get a head start on wearing summer clothes. Additional benefit: Layering ups your style. #styletip Click To Tweet


style book author in a little red dress

#maturefashion woman in a summer motorcycle style dress
eShakti motorcycle dress, GNW tight, Michael Kors wedge booties, Hermes enamel bangles, Hermes collier de chien bangle and belt (all own) and layering top c/o Adea


To stay warm on the commute to work I wore my leather coat that has a quilted lining. The leather keeps the wind off and the faux fur trim blocks the wind from entering the sleeves. The leather faux fur contrast also looks very stylish. <3


woman in tea length leather coat with faux fur trim
LeatherCoatsEtc Leather coat with faux fur trim, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, GNW tight, Michael Kors wedge booties, and structured bag (all own)

Styling a little red dress for fall

The photos below provide another cute little red dress outfit idea.

fashion influencer in fall work outfit

50+ woman in chic little red dress

posh chic midlife woman in motorcycle dress
Outfit details: eShakti little red dress, GNW tight, Steve Madden fall lace-up sandals (all own), and wood watch c/o Jord


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Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders

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