Alaska spring look looks like a great southern winter look

Fashion over 50 woman in winter outfit

Spring has sprung, at least the spring trends

Do you know that old country song “Springtime in Alaska is forty below?” Browsing fashion and style blogs in spring reminds me of that song. You can see how spring makes it up North, or to be more precise, how the Sun makes it up North. The fashionistas from the South present already their new spring wardrobe additions in a real spring styling. The farther north a fashion and/or style blogger lives, the more winterized versions of the new trends you can see at this time a year.

Here the statement belt is one of my spring wardrobe updates. Actually, I bought also another one with the long belt trend for spring. You saw it already in the gray dress with pink belt outfit post. Another one of my spring updates is a pair of statement shoes and an embroidered shirt that was on my spring wish list. I haven’t worn them yet due to the snow on the ground. Comes April … Let’s cross fingers for an early breakup season. 🙂

For the record, it wasn’t -40F (-40oC) when the outfit photos were taken, but -27.4 F (-33oC). Anyhow, it was cold enough for me that day. 😉
I hope it's cold enough for you today. #Alaskasaying Click To Tweet

over 50 years old fashion blogger in outfit with black vest and skirt
Back view of outfit with GNW Luxe sweater, Halogen tweed skirt, GNW tight, Harley Davidson booties,statement belt, and Be By Black Noir down vest with hood (all own)

What I love about spring in Alaska

The time of daylight plus civil twilight now is more than 12 hours. Thus, it is longer bright outside in Alaska than anywhere in the mid latitudes at this time a year. Fairbanks has still about 5 hours of light in winter. Up here the length of days (and in fall nights) increases faster in Fairbanks than in mid latitudes. Did you know that?

fashion blogger over 50 donning a casual winter office look with a puffer vest outfit
GNW Luxe sweater, Halogen tweed skirt, GNW tight, Harley Davidson booties,statement belt, Be By Black Noir down vest with hood (all own) and multi-color baroque pearl necklace c/o Pearl Claps

Typical Alaska spring outfit

Today’s outfit is a typical spring outfit in Alaskaspring outfit in Alaska, but it would work as a great winter look in the South. Well, may be down South the zipper would be more zipped up in winter. 😉

accessories belt buckle and pearls
GNW Luxe sweater, Halogen tweed skirt, statement belt, Be By Black Noir down vest with hood (all own) and multi-color baroque pearl necklace c/o Pearl Claps

How is spring progressing where you live? Can you already wear the new spring trends alone or do you have to “winterize” them? I am curious.

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… and the winner of the styling contest spring transition is …

Jennie Hopkins. Thanks to all of you who submitted an outfit photo to the styling challenge. You all had lovely outfits deserving to win the contest!

mature woman in spring outfit
Jennie Hopkins won the HLS Styling Contest with her take on spring transition. Photo courtesy to her
Styling Contest Winner

Congrats Jennie. Grab your trophy. 🙂

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Charlotte, the 70s model at Jodie’s Touch of Style, became Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav was on the thumbnail of the post and you clicked this post the most. She presented the spring trend velvet in a very modern way: Casually. Isn’t it funny that it took so long for velvet to have a moment again? Interestingly, back then in the early 70s and 80s, it was Sunday’s Best and Bohemian/Romantic Style, respectively. Today velvet conquered the casual world! The graphic Tee with the three models of the blog sketched by Anne Bray of Spy Girl is a cool take. I got a Tee of the sketch of me for my hubby. <3 Full disclosure: I also bought two mugs with her sketch of me too. So, it’s not only Charlotte!

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Gail Hanlon at Is this Mutton became Top of the World OOTD My Fav. Photo from her post

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