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Summer maxi Chica dress with Hermes Collier de Chien belt, metal bag, wide brim straw hat, and sandals (all own)

This is the Inaugural post of High Latitude Style, a fashion and Alaskan lifestyle blog written by an Alaskan woman interested in the relations between clothing, the way of dressing, weather, sustainability, prosperity, and culture. My goal is to entertain, inspire, and educate readers about fashion, life in Alaska, and related science bits. Welcome to my first post.

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What You Can Find on High Latitude Style

On this fashion and Alaskan lifestyle blog you can find fashion (including fashion reviews, styling tricks, leather fashion, sustainable fashion, second hand, and fashion history), science related to fashion and Alaska (e.g. “warmth” of clothing, air quality in Alaska, weather and climate, dressing for the weather of a climate region) and about the Alaskan lifestyle at the Last Frontier including travel tips, ice roads, wildlife.


Ageless Fashion Inaugural Outfit

As you see in summer, it can get really warm enough for summer dresses. Here, I am wearing a casual summer maxi dress outfit with super size floral pattern. I pinned the matching scarf to the shoulder, belted the dress for shape, added yellow patent leather (mod style) slides with golden block heels, and a metal bag from Morocco. This dress made it on the first post because it features my love for unique things that make up personal style.


Alaska’s Uniqueness and Vastness Offers Great Travel Experiences

In summer, the place where this picture is taken, serves as a boat launch site. Thus, since this is the inaugural post of my High Latitude Style blog I picked this picture.

In winter, this place serves as the entrance to an ice bridge. Cars enter the frozen Chena River here, drive about half a mile upstream and leave the river there and vice versa. Of course, there is always someone who does it too early in November, or too late in March/April. S/he ends up in the river, and the newspaper.


An Alaskan Lifestyle Blog

A couple of years ago, on a day with 30 below zero (-34.4oC), my husband and I went shopping for a dress for the Moonlight Ball. I wanted a high-low hem dress in a jewel color.

At that time, there was a little boutique in Fairbanks that had specialized in prom dresses. I was trying out some of the dresses that looked like they might fit, while my husband was outside the fitting room still browsing the store. When I came out to test the dress’ response to some dance moves with my husband, he stood there with a high-low hem dress on a hanger and asked “how do you like this dress?” My response was “Wow, this is quite a fashion statement with flowers as big as toilet seats.” “What do you mean?” he asked. “I would buy it, if I were looking for a summer dress that never goes out of style because it is a statement in itself. But it’s not black tie. Let’s test out this emerald dress.”

He put the hanger with the dress back on the wall where he obviously had found it and came over. We made some Argentine tango moves to test-drive the movement of the dress, while the other people in the store watched. People take their time at the last frontier.

We decided that the emerald dress qualified. I went back into the dressing room to take the dress off. My husband took it to check us out, while I put on my layers of layers of winter gear. When you buy an evening gown at 30 below, you have not only to take off your clothes, but also your long underwear. Thus, it takes a while until you are back in your clothes.

When we came home,  I opened the bag to hang the dress in my closet. Guess what? He had not only bought the emerald dress for the ball, but also this summer dress.


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Photos: G. Kramm

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