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The Limited polo shirt with London boyfriend jeans, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Constance bag, Keds, and sunglasses c/o ShopGlasses

Read what to expect when you go to watch the Independence Day celebrations in Fairbanks Alaska at Pioneer Park.

  1. No Fireworks when the Sun is up 24/7 7 Days a Week
  2. Music and Dance Make Forget the Lack of Fireworks
  3. Red-white-and-blue Patriotic Outfits of Course
  4. Celebrating Means More Food Options
  5. Patriotic Outfit Idea for Women in Midlife


No Fireworks when the Sun is up 24/7 7 Days a Week

In the Lower 48s, a highlight of Independence Day is watching the fireworks after dawn. The kids and many adults are looking forward to watching colorful spirals, stars, and glimmer in the dark sky. Unlike in Alaska. If Alaskan would wait for a dark night sky for watching firework displays, Independence Day would last until mid August because of the midnight sun!

You can easily imagine that no fireworks can be a drama for parents with young kids who just moved to Fairbanks.

Army band in Fairbanks' Pioneer Park
The Arctic Warrior Army Band from Ft. Wainwright plays swing and jazz for entertainment on Independence Day in Pioneer Park

Music and Dance Make Forget the Lack of Fireworks

Despite there are no fireworks on the 4th of July, traditions exist that kids and adults alike look forward to. In Fairbanks, for instance, the celebration starts in Pioneer Park, a historic park dedicated to the Gold Rush time. Various bands including military, bluegrass and immigrant bands play music at different pavilions. There is even a bag-pipe troupe and a steel drum band. Local groups perform a variety of dances from folk dance, over middle eastern belly dance, Hawaiian and Polynesian dance, to swing dance, just to give you an idea about the diversity in Fairbanks.

bagpipe band playing in Pioneer Park on Independence Day
Bagpipe band wearing quilt skirts


Volunteers distribute flags to locals and tourists alike. Kids swing the flags to the music. Parents end up schlepping their kids’ flags later in the day.

Red-white-and-blue Patriotic Outfits of Course

Of course, like everywhere in the US on Independence Day, the locals wear patriotic red-white-and-blue attire. Thus, the tourists – many of them from Germany as Condor has a direct flight Frankfurt-Whitehorse-Fairbanks-Frankfurt – are easily to be identified by their long sleeves, even when they wear jeans with a red top, and white sneakers or Birkenstocks. Some of the park rangers wear Gold Rush costumes.

girls in Pioneer Park wearing patriotic outfits
Patriotic outfits in Pioneer Park on Independence Day

Celebrating Means More Food Options

While there are food booths in Pioneer Park all summer, on Independence Day, local eateries join and have stands in the park as well. Elephant ears anyone? Alaskan beer-battered fried halibut? What about a reindeer burger? A taco salad? Thai food? Don’t forget to leave some room for a Hot Licks ice cream.

Of course, you don’t order chocolate, but Prudhoe Bay. 😉

historic steam engine coal-fired train
Historic coal-fired train giving rides to kids and tourists on Independence Day


Kids love the old-fashioned coal-fired steam-engine train that circles around the park.

The queue for getting on the train reminds me of the footage on West German TV about the shopping situation in the former GDR when I was a child. 🙂

old-fashioned merry-go-round in Pioneer Park, Fairbanks
Old-fashioned merry-go-round with horses in Pioneer Park giving rides to kids on Independence Day and weekends. See the long queue in on the backside of the merry-go-round


A similar long queue exists for the merry-go-round that looks like a leftover from a 30s’ movie. Did I mention that the food booths have even longer queues?

midlife woman in patriotic outfit
The Limited polo shirt with London boyfriend jeans, Keds, Constance bag, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle (all own), and sunglasses c/o ShopGlasses

Patriotic Outfit Idea for Women in Midlife

Of course, I went for a red-white-and-blue look. Since we wanted to attend the celebration in Pioneer Park, I went for a casual, but posh look with a polo shirt, boyfriend jeans, and polka dot Keds. They are great on grass and uneven terrain and for standing long time in line.

What do you do on your National Day?

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