over 50 years old style blogger i Jackie O sunglasses and denim skirt
Denim skirt with thin striped polo shirt, Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle, Jackie Onassis style sunglasses and suede wedge sandals (all own) for an all American classic weekend style

Tonight I woke up from a lot of noise, bird noise. Sandhill cranes obviously had left the nearby crop field in huge numbers and were flying south right over the house. I always wonder whether this noise is talking or whether they are giving commands to the next bird or whether it is some marching talk like soldier do.

In fall, this nearby field is full of cranes. They munch on the grains of the crop on the still unharvested fields of the experimental farm. There is another bird collection/meeting point farther east called Creamer’s Field – a former diary farm in Fairbanks. These fields are a bird watcher’s paradise. In spring and fall at Creamer’s Field, you can also watch trumpeter swans, Canada and other geese, various types of ducks, and a variety of other smaller birds.

As fall progresses the number of birds feeding on the fields decreases. Usually the last to leave are the swans. Some ducks stay in Fairbanks over winter warming their feet in the open water of the Chena River. The water is open because of the waste water of the power plant. It is impressive to see the ducks at 40 below (-40oC) swimming in the seemingly steaming river.

Some ravens also stay over winter. They are pretty smart and remove the snow from the lights and use the street lights to use them as a heating source. They are also pretty impressive when they simulate the ring tune of a cell or a car horn. The Alaska ravens are bigger than the ones that visit middle Europe in winter. Much bigger.

On cold winter days, the ravens and ducks are the only birds you see. But as soon as temperatures go into the the single negative digits all the overwintering small birds with a sudden show up at the bird feeders. It is amazing that these small little guys of the size of a sparrow can survive in the cold winters of the Interior.


Now to the new OOTD. No, I am not wearing a feather skirt ;). I prefer an above the knee straight denim skirt in a dark wash like in the photo above. I paired it with a thin striped polo shirt and a Kieselstein Cord belt. The buckle picks up the gold frame of the shirt’s little buttons. To stay with the casual, but polished vibe of this all American classic outfit I wore suede wedge sandals and my Ray Ban Jackie O sunglasses. I accessorized with a gold colored bangle and a blue watch. I really love this denim skirt as it can also be easily styled for work. You have seen  another example look with this skirt in the post at the link. This means I get a lot of wear out of it.

details of belt, buckle, watch
Details of the stitching of the denim skirt and my blue watch.

What is your polished “goto weekend outfit?” What is your piece that you wear for work and play? Just curious.
Photos: G. Kramm

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