Aisle Style has great affordable special occasion dresses

#AisleStyle strapless Sweetheart Sparkle Beaded High Low Orange Red Satin Prom DressAisle Style strapless Sweetheart Sparkle Beaded High Low Orange Red Satin Prom Dress
#AisleStyle Chic Cowl Neck Casual Style A-line Emerald Green Long Chiffon Bridesmaid DressAisle Style Chic Cowl Neck Casual Style A-line Emerald Green Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

My sport’s fashion needs

When you are reading my blog for a while, you know that my weekly fitness routine is ballroom dancing. A thing I love about dancing compared to other sports is that you can do your sport and exercise, but still can  dress up. At social dances, any type of cocktail dresses are a must-have. You can imaging that it can become a pretty expensive sport unless you have a good source bookmarked where you can find great cocktail dresses at a small price. Thus, my dancing and the related fashion stays much cheaper than a snow machine 😉 or skiing.

Aisle Style is a great resource

I bookmarked Aisle Style a while ago. They specialize in special occasion dresses ranging from casual to high-style formal at affordable prices in a great variety of styles and colors. I like them for

  1. their great choice in colors for each dress (typically more than 35 or so except for wedding dresses of course). Thus, you can get romantic pastel tones if that is you, and I can get the dark colors I love. Most importantly, they go beyond the typical red, black, navy and white.
  2. their possibility to search dresses by style.  It is very helpful when you look for dance dresses as you can’t dance in a mermaid silhouette or in a dress with a long tail, for instance. Recall in dancing women do the same thing as the lead, but backwards and in heels.
  3. the possibility to search by your body shape. This feature is very helpful when you know your shape. The search will just show you the dress styles that will look great on you. What a time saving option!
  4. the possibility to shop by price. Who wants to fall into love with a dress they can’t afford? This feature avoids frustration and breaking the budget!
  5. them having my size which not all companies do as I am on the low  end of sizing. Actually they carry 13 different sizes US size 2 to 26, which is a UK 4 to 28, or a European size 32 to 56. Thus, they cover real women over the entire range.
  6. the possibility to shop by neckline. At our age, we know which necklines work and/or we feel confident in.
  7. sleeve length. This permits to hide bingo wings or to show off the muscles gained by endless weight lifting. Whatever is perfect for you.
  8. embellishment, and
  9. fabric.

The search options can be combined which is a great time saver and cuts out frustrations caused by budget, style challenges etc.. They even have maternity special occasion clothes, which may be a great thing for your expecting daughter or daughter-in-law in the upcoming wedding season.

Currently craving

Here are the dresses that I am currently craving.

#AisleStyle Simple A-line One Shoulder Ruching Hand Made Flowers Knee-length Tulle Cocktail Dress
Aisle Style simple A-line one shoulder ruching hand-made flowers knee-length tulle cocktail dress

This simple one shoulder knee-length tulle A-line cocktail dress has a beautiful skirt for smooth dancing. It will twirl nicely. I love the hand-made flower details on the skirt which makes the dress stick out of the crowd. It is romantic in a grown-up way when chosen in a neutral medium to dark color. It will look cute in pastels on the debutante.

I would pick a blue one and style it with golden dance shoes and a French twist up-do with a blue silk flower pinned into the hair. It is currently on sale for just £99.99. I would wear the dress for a formal ball or a dance performance.

#AisleStyle Natural Chiffon A-line Knee-length None Bridesmaid Dresses
Natural chiffon A-line knee-length none bridesmaid dress

I like this chiffon A-line knee-length dress. It is perfect for a less formal social dance, but also for an afternoon wedding party or a fancy dinner. I would pick it in green. This color is something special when you live in a climate where no green occurs naturally in winter. Thus, green makes a statement at any winter event. I would style it with a top-knot messy up-do and silver T-strap dance shoes. The style works great for a small breast and wide shoulder frame and inverted triangle shape. It is on sale for just £89.99.

#Aisle Style A-line bateau neck with cap-sleeve bow knee-length satin wedding guest dress
Aisle Style A-line bateau neck with cap-sleeve bow knee-length satin wedding guest dress

Another dress on my wish-list is this satin dress that I would order in fuchsia. I love the nice retro 50s vibe and versatility of this classic dress. You can imagine it in black with a diamond brooch, earrings and bracelets on the young Liz Taylor, in navy or black with a string of pearls and long white gloves on Jackie Kennedy, in royal blue with sapphire studs on Princess Diana, and in cream with yellow pearls on the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria. It is an ageless style. The dress is perfect for a formal wedding, a formal dinner and an afternoon wedding. In black, it will be a great deal for just £93.99 as it works for all events where a festive LBD is in order, i.e. it is an investment for years to come.

#AisleStyle natural A-line sleeveless chiffon bridesmaid dress
Aisle Style natural A-line sleeveless chiffon bridesmaid dress

When dreaming of vacation on a beach in the Tropics, this high-low hem dress comes to my mind. I can see me in this dress taking long beach walks with my hubby around sunset. Too bad that in the Tropics twilight is so much shorter than in Alaska. I love the clean simple style of this dress that comes in 60 different colors for just £89.99 on sale.

I love it in hunter green as shown here, but for blondes the pastels are great romantic beach wedding guest options. Of course for us over 40 a well-fitting strapless bra is a must with this dress.

#AisleStyle Long Sleeves Split Jewel Neck Long Chiffon Wedding DressAisle Style Long Sleeves Split Jewel Neck Long Chiffon Wedding Dress
#AisleStyle Mother of the bride/groom dressAisle Style Mother of the bride/groom dress

Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have a wedding coming up and look for chic, affordable bridesmaid dresses, have a look at their collection. They have great cheap bridesmaid dresses that don’t look cheap at all, i.e. your bridesmaids will love you for your considerate choice. These dresses won’t break the bank and can be worn again at other formal occasions. I like the purple bridesmaid dresses. This color is so different from what you typically see in wedding parties. Imagine these with yellow flowers. What a pop of color in the wedding photos <3 .

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Which is you dream dress at Aisle Style? What kind of special occasion dress do you need this summer? Have you already picked it out or an idea what you are looking for? I hope this post gave you some inspirations. Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: Aisle Style (2016)

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