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Black Tie dress code

When my first ever female friend in Fairbanks invited us to her wedding a couple of years ago her invitation card said Black Tie welcome. When she brought the invitation cards home to her parents’ house, her father said “Honey, do you know what black tie is? You can’t do a Black Tie Wedding in Fairbanks!” “I do and there will be people following the dress code. My goal is to have a wedding with memorable outfits that address the formality of the event!” she replied.

“You will never get your mom to wear anything that comes close to special occasion dresses!” he replied. “Dad, we were already shopping. Believe me there are nice mother of the bride dresses that fit the dress code,  and her taste. Black tie wedding is not just dark organza one shoulder dresses with pearl clutch and d’Orsay pumps. There are great dresses that have boat necks and cover the arms that make her look awesome. She even tried on a full skirt organza tea-length dress with crew neck and long sleeves. It would have been great with glittery stilettos and a sleek top knot.” “Your mom has short hair and can’t walk in stilettos.”

#AisleStyle Bridesmaid dress Aisle Style simple blue tulle bridesmaid dress
#AisleStyle Mother of the groom dress Aisle Style mother of the groom dress

“His mom took the dress.” “I can see the stilettos and updo already. You styled them all! What did you pick? It must have taken hours to find your perfect dress among all the wedding dresses.” “Not if you know what you look for. You just nail it down by hem length, style, neckline, fabric, embellishment, color and price. A tea length strapless lace dress, ballroom style with a lace jacket that I will pin on with two brooches. Thus, I am covered during the ceremony and avoid a mishap during the wedding waltz.”

#AisleStyle Wedding guest dress Aisle Style wedding guest dress
#AisleStyle special occasion dress Aisle Style special occasion dress

“What will the bridesmaid dresses look like?” “Red and sleek.” “Then tell everybody the color of the bridal party so they won’t pick the same color.” “For your bridal party you pick a color that is not a jewel tone and you will be fine. Sis will wear a ruby, silk chiffon strapless special occasion dress with a miniature metal clutch, and silver sandals. And the style of wedding guest dresses is quite different from what my bridesmaid dresses look like. As long as everybody sticks with the rule not to wear anything that comes close to white, I am fine.”

“So your dress is white. What about black?” “As the bride? No, only Nicole wanted to do that. But a black velvet maxi dress with patent leather pumps and a satin clutch is perfect for a guest.” “Who wears that?” “Nicole.” “Was it her idea?” “The black outfit, yes, the formal wedding, no.”

“Who will pay for all that?” “You already did with your credit card three months ago! Remember the about $500 you were wondering about back then when mom said the charges are ok.”

Black Tie outfit inspirations

Below are some other inspirations what to wear to a formal or so-called Black Tie wedding. In some regions, formal weddings are also called evening wedding.

#AisleStyle Mother of the bride dress Aisle Style mother of the bride dress
#AisleStyle bride dress Aisle Style wedding dress

Have you been invited to a wedding lately? What was the dress code? What did you wear?

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