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Don’t tell us 40+ what 2 wear – Aging is not a crime

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fashionover50 mature woman in work outfit
Tucker skirt with Brooke Brothers knit sweater, L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps (all own) and Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source

There is this discussion again. “When is a woman too old to go sleeveless?” What’s wrong about jiggling bingo wings? Nothing! Are they just jealous they can’t do the jiggle (yet)!

The suggested fix, wear sleeves – even at 110F (43.3oC)! A recipe for thermal stress, a heat stroke, and may be death!

Today it is the upper arm, tomorrow it will be the ears that get bigger as we age. Since we are supposed to cut our long hair after 40, will we then have to chop our ear off like Vincent van Gogh?

Will we have to pin lists like The 10 most effective things to hide your aging body to the inspiration board in our closet? Here an example of how such a list could read, and in italic how I feel we should react about these signs of aging. Have a good laugh. 🙂

  1. Wear sunglasses to hide crowfeet, sagging eyelids, and dark under-eye circles. No, raccoon are considered cute because of their eye circles.
  2. Wearing a face mask is one way of dealing with age spots. Dalmatians, leopards and ladybugs are considered beautiful. By the way leopard and polka dot prints are a fashion classic!
  3. Wear ear cuffs to hide your growing ears. Minnie Mouse never was my style icon and did you forget that we should not wear them after 30?!
  4. Wear white gloves to hide your bony hands. Dogs love bones, and I have nothing to hide like did Mac the Knife.
  5. Women over 40 should not have long hair. Rapunzel is my style icon, but I don’t need a Prince to let my hair down.
  6. Wear only midi skirts to hide your aging knees. Slightly above the knee is most flattering on any woman and who can see that my knees are aging is way too close or wearing binoculars instead of glasses.
  7. Wear your reading glasses on a chain to not loose them. It’s my brain exercise to remember where I put them and if not, I am helping the economy.
  8. Wear a bra even on weekends in summer. I will do it the moment, all men who have more than I do wear one.
  9. Don’t wear a bikini. Why? Is this Sylt, Germany?
  10. Wear an armor like a knight so nobody sees your (well earned) wrinkles, age spots, gray hair (or not). I am on my way to the airport.

Why are those questions or suggestions popping up again and again and we 40+, 40++, 40+++, … women have to deal with this?

I never saw suggestions for men to hide their age or aging body parts. Are they just not aging, dressing better as they get older, dressing better than we do, or does nobody care about their getting older? I’m just asking.

What the heck! Is it a crime to age!? It happens to everyone every day and hopefully for many decades to come. I wear what makes me feel comfortable, chic and looking great. So should you.

Happy aging in fashion and style to a 100 and more, but do it you way!

fashionover40 woman in work outfit
Back view of outfit with Tucker skirt, Brooke Brothers sweater, and L.K. Bennett pumps, (all own)

What do you think about all those suggestions in the media what to wear and not to wear at a certain age? Which of the above don’ts are dos for you? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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