4 tips to wear denim like a pro

You can wear denim in midlife and beyond

You love your denim as much as the next gal, so wear it. You want to look polished, not floppy, or frumpy, but also not like trying too hard or even worse, trying not at all. Going beyond the basics in wearing denim over 40 sounds like to balance on the sharp side of a carving knife. Denim is associated with casual and weekend and can go easy frumpy or looking like wearing a uniform.

Advanced styling tips for denim over 40

In an earlier post of this Ageless Style series, I gave tips what to look for when seeking for an ageless outfit in denim. Today’s post expands on those tips by providing tips how to style denim like a pro.

#fashionover40 mature woman looking professional in denim
Denim dress styled liked a pro with L.K. Bennett navy patent leather pumps, GNW black tights and wide statement belt, Hermes enamel bangles, Moda International cardigan dyed red, BCBG belt, and a red-black-blue plaid scarf (all own) that ties the office appropriate look together

Here are stylists’ secrets:

  1. Recall to stay away from the extremes like a superwide bell-shape or super-distressed. Both look sort of ridiculous at any age. A straight cut is a classic, but pairing shoes with it is much more difficult than for skinnies, or a slight bootcut.
    1. Pairing jeans with a button-down shirt, scarf or pearls, pumps and a blazer is a fool-proof business casual look to try. Paired with a white shirt is an American classic.
    2. A turtleneck sweater with jeans and blazer also falls in this category.
  2. Many stylists advise against wearing a denim skirt over 40 due to the stiffness of the fabric. However, when the cut is to the advantage of providing shape to a straight-up-and-down body and the skirt is above the knee it can work to your favor.
    1. If you wear a denim skirt, stay out of dressing like a cowgirl, i.e. don’t add a plaid shirt plus fringe leather jacket and cowboy boots and a hat unless you go to a western bar or festival. You would look otherwise like Rosie in Disguise.
    2. Style the denim skirt like you would style a corduroy skirt with a striped Tee or polo shirt or like a black pencil skirt with a white button-down shirt and black or nude pumps.
  3. Denim jackets are a nice way to style a dress down. Click To Tweet
    1. Try a denim jacket as an alternative to a cardigan.
    2. Belt your denim jacket and/or wear it under a vest.
    3. Pair a denim jacket with a romantic dress or skirt, a lace dress or sequin skirt for an unexpected going out look.
  4. Denim-on-denim looks best with two different washes, but same texture. Click To Tweet Think one of the pieces just has been washed over and over again while the other hasn’t.
    1. If you aren’t tall like Karlie Kloss don’t go for her Texas tuxedo, i.e. denim everything.
    2. Soft fabric denim shirts look great with dark wash jeans, corduroy or leather pants and even a black pencil or a classic tweed skirt. Go for a tailored cut to look polished.
    3. Try a denim piece with a white (or colored) denim piece.

Inspirations how to wear a denim skirt

#fashionover50 mature woman looking great in a denim skirt Weekend look with dark-wash Oliveo denim skirt with a striped Jeanne & Pierre sweater, GNW tights, Prada bag, statement belt, scarf and Puma silver sneakers (all own). The color and posh style of the sneakers plus the accessories (scarf, statement belt) give the casual outfit a stylish look
#MarineLayer #styleover50 mature woman looking great in a denim weekend outfit Classic American weekend outfit with straight Oliveo denim skirt, Kieselstein Cord belt, H-buckle, Anne Klein T-strap pumps, statement necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangles (all own), and a striped T-shirt c/o Marine Layer

Inspirations how to style a denim jacket

#styleover40 mature woman in denim jacket Lace dress with Levis denim jacket, Harley Davidson booties,  three string pearl necklace, and Hermes collier de chien  belt (all own) for an unexpected going out look
#over40fashion mature woman in a white denim jacket over sheath dress Styling down an Elli Tahari abstract floral print sheath dress with a Fossil white denim jacket for Casual Friday. The red Gloria Vanderbilt pumps, Chanel belt, Ray Ban sunglasses and fuchsia 3.1 Philip Lim tote tie the look together (all own)
#fashionover50 mature woman wearing a lace pencil skirt with denim Levis denim jacket with eShakti lace pencil skirt, Festina watch, and Prada bag for a posh Casual Friday look
#fashionover40 woman in a plaid dress with denim jacket Styling a Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress down for Casual Friday with a Levis denim jacket worn as a top under a VS leather vest, GNW tight, dagwood flower and beads statement necklace, Festina watch, and Harley Davidson motorcycle booties (all own)

Inspirations how to wear jeans

 #styleover50 mature woman in boyfriend jeans London Jean boyfriend jeans styled up for Casual Friday with a striped T-shirt, linen blazer, structured bag, statement belt, DIY necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Ralph Lauren silver pumps (all own)
#fashionover50 mature woman wearing skinnies J Brand skinnies styled for a comfy, but polished weekend winter look with Brooks Brothers mock turtleneck sweater, pearls (all own), and a light trench coat worn as jacket c/o Lookbook Store.

Inspiration how to style a denim shirt over 40

#fashionover40 woman in denim shirt Great Northwest denim shirt styled as a jacket with Studio Sierra leather skirt and jacket, GNW tight, Harley Davidson booties, and GNW cardigan worn as a top (all own) for a warm winter Casual Friday look
#styleover50 woman wearing a denim shirt under a dress Great Northwest denim shirt worn under a GAP LBD with DIY statement belt, GNW polka dot tights, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and L.K. Bennett pumps (all own) for an office-appropriate look

How do you style your denim? Do you wear denim-on-denim? What’s your favorite outfit with this fabric? I am curious. Link up your look at the weekly Top of the World Style fashion linkup party.

#midlifefashion mature woman in denim dress
Dyed Moda International cardigan, GNW tight, L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps, BCBG multiple belts statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and plaid scarf  (all own) Showing of the slit of the dress shown in above in this post

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