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3 tips to up your style by wearing your accessories differently

This post provides stylist’s tips to use accessories to increase your style factor. Read how to look more stylish without much effort.


  1. Accessories up the Personal Style Factor
  2. Wear Your Watch over Your Sleeve
  3. Wear a Brooch at Your Waist
  4. Try a Scarf Knotted as a Tie
  5. Tips to Use Accessories in a Nutshell


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Accessories up the Personal Style Factor

We can all buy the same clothes. Of course there is great choice. The likelihood that your friend wears the same dress to the same party like a clone is slim unless you buy your clothing in the local grocery store. What makes our outfits personal is how we edit our wardrobe, i.e. which trends we add, what basics we use, and how we accessorize.

Again there are many options to choose from when it comes to accessories like scarves, brooches, pearls, great hair jewelry even over 40. It’s not just about adding them, but how you wear your pearls, how you tie your scarf. You can braid your scarf into a beautiful necklace, or even wear two scarves in one outfit, etc.


Antonio Melani booties

Zoom-in on SAK green hoho bag

fashion blogger over 50 in plaid sheath dress
Outfit details: Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress, GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater, GNW tight, and Antonio Melani booties

Wear Your Watch over Your Sleeve

Don’t hide your watch by wearing it under your sleeve. Today nobody really needs a watch as everyone checks the time on their cell phone. Thus, when you wear a watch wear it as a statement and show it off. Another advantage, you avoid the funny watch bump in your sleeve.


style blogger donning a plaid sheath dress and sweater classic work outfit
Side view of Ruby Belle sheath dress with GNW Luxe sweater, GNW tight, Antonio Melani booties, Festina watch and DIY brooch worn as a belt buckle



Wear a Brooch at Your Waist

Instead of wearing the brooch on the top of my dress, I pinned it at the waist. It creates interest because of the unusual place. It works because it looks like a belt on first view. More on accessorizing with brooches.


brooch worn at the waist instead of a belt

over 40 fashion Woman in work outfit
Front view of Ruby Belle plaid dress with GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater, GNW tights and Antonio Melani booties and DIY brooch worn on the waist



Try a Scarf Knotted as a Tie

Wear your scarf as tie outside of the coat. In the outerwear outfit, the scarf is worn in a way that it looks like a wide tie. The print of the scarf picks up the camel brown of the hat, brown of the booties, and tights, the dark chocolate of the shearling and the green of the gloves and bag. More on accessorizing with scarves.



style blogger in winter work appropriate outerwear with gloves and stylish hat
Closeup on above outerwear of chocolate brown shearling coat with silk cashmere scarf worn as tie, GNW tight, LeatherCoatsEtc green leather gloves, thrift store find hat, Antonio Melani booties, and SAK hobo shoulder bag



Tips to Use Accessories in a Nutshell

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How do you wear your accessories differently from how they are supposed to be worn? Just curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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