Questions on Nicole Mölders

How tall are you?

1.65 m or 5 ft 4

What is your weight?

50 kg or 110 lb

What size do you wear?

I wear a US size 2 in pants/skirts, a US size 4 in dresses/tops/coats/jackets, a size M in gloves, and a US size 7.5 and 8 in summer and winter shoes, respectively.

Where can I buy your fashion and style book

? You can buy How to Dress for Success in Midlife by clicking the link.

Where can I buy your Fashion Coloring Pages e-book?

Right here at the button below via paypal

How did you come up with your blog’s name? I wanted to have something in the name that everyone associates with style and cold weather/climate. I was thinking about the coordinates of Fairbanks or something like that when my husband suggested High Latitude Fashion. I said that’s it, but I want style rather than fashion. The name High Latitude Style was born.

why did you start to blog?

When we moved to Alaska I was confronted with the challenge of being stylish at subzero temperatures without getting hypothermia. I realized that it is particularly hard for mature women to find warm stylish fashion over 40. When realizing that I am not alone with this challenge I wanted to share with other mature women what I have learned about what works and what does not.

When did you move to Alaska and where did you live before?

I immigrated to Alaska in 2001. Prior to living in Alaska I lived in Germany, France, New York State, and Colorado.

Where do you buy your clothes?

I get my clothes from a variety of sources. I buy most items online. See the list of my favorite store in my sidebar and on my affiliate page. I also browse thrift and consignment stores on a regular basis as well for items that I could not afford when I would have to pay the original price. For instance, eBay is a great source for used accessories. These posts introduce you to how to shop on eBay, provide tips for thrifting and consignment stores.

Where can I comment?

Comments on posts are open for 5 days. When you have a comment for a post older than this go on the contact page and use the contact form.

Fellow bloggers

Can I use a photo from your site?

All photos are my own if not mentioned otherwise. You can use my photos on your site, but please cite High Latitude Style as the original source, link the photo back to my post and send me an email (highlatitudestyle “at” gmail.com) that you did so. For other types of reproduction please ask for a written permission.

Can I sign up to cohost your Top of the World Style linkup party?

Just drop me an email with your request, blogs name and URL, and dates of Thursdays that would work for you.

Brands, organizations, and stores

How can we collaborate with you?

This page lists what type of collaborations I do and don’t do.

Do you give invited talks at fashion events?

Yes, I do. Please use this link to send your invitation and/or inquiry so we can discus details.

Can I book you to join a special event at my local businesses (Grand Sale, Opening of a new store, Support Local Business Day)?

Yes, please use this link to send your invitation and/or inquiry so we can discus details.

How do I link up to your Top of the World Style linkup party?

Go to this tutorial that explains how to linkup to a linkup party.

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