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Studying fashion and textiles design was probably a dream of many of us when we were girls or teenagers. We adored the models on the catwalk, and we were big fans of the one or other designer or brand. Let me introduce you to Sophie Lodge, who is studying Fashion & Textiles in London, UK.

  1. Unexpected Behind-the-Scene Facts on Studying Fashion – Guest Post by Sophie Lodge
  2. Lessons I’ve Learnt Whilst Studying Fashion
  3. Trust Your Gut Feeling
  4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others
  5. Maximize Networking Opportunities
  6. Take Responsibility
  7. Don’t Lose Yourself
  8. Get Out There
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Unexpected Behind-the-Scene Facts on Studying Fashion – Guest Post by Sophie Lodge

I asked Sophie to write a guest post about what it means to study fashion and textiles today including what she has learned that people wouldn’t expect. Here is her first hand glimpse behind the scenes of studying Fashion & Textiles, i.e. challenges that go beyond learning how to turn fashion into style.

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Lessons I’ve Learnt Whilst Studying Fashion

Since leaving school, I always knew I’d like to pursue a career in Fashion. Whilst all my friends were still unsure of what they wanted, procrastinating with parties and socializing; I was at home, chopping up fabrics and styling the manikin my mother bought me for my 16th birthday. Originally from a little town in the countryside, I decided I’d need to move to London if I ever wanted to make it in the fashion industry (which was, in part, true). I enrolled into university with high hopes of leaving with my Fashion and Textiles degree and going on to work for a major fashion brand, to then eventually leave and start my own company. I’m finishing off my last year now, and through the hectic deadlines and show preparations, I’ve had to chance to reflect on what I’ve learnt whilst studying Fashion and Textiles.


London fashion and textile student Sophie Lodge in a dress designed by her
Sophie Lodge modeling a dress that she designed. Photo courtesy to her with permission


Trust Your Gut Feeling

My family have always been incredibly supportive of my dreams to become a fashion designer. I’ve always believed in my abilities, so I constantly push myself to do better. During my studies, I’ve met fellow students from all over the world, from LA to Stockholm, Milan to Madrid, we all share the same passion. Some, like me, were just starting out with fashion studies. However, there are many who are a little older – one’s who tried to pursue a career they thought was more viable, or what their parents wanted them to do, instead of following their gut. Some are disappointed that they never followed their instincts at the beginning, though it’s never too late to explore new avenues I know, they wish they had a little more faith in themselves. So, my first lesson was to trust my gut.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

On my journey I’ve met some incredibly talented designers who create truly awe-inspiring work. This left me often I’d find myself reflecting on my own designs, sometimes feeling they weren’t good enough compared to the higher standards other students had set. I asked one of my tutors for advice in my times of doubt, and he taught me a valuable lesson – don’t compare yourself to others, especially in the fashion industry where everything is subjective. We’ve all seen someone walking down the street in clothing we wouldn’t dream of wearing and thought to ourselves ‘what on Earth were they thinking?!’. Fashion is art. Some people may love it, where others may hate it. Everyone is going to have an opinion on your designs, it’s vitally important to not take all of them to heart.


Maximize Networking Opportunities

I’ve greatly benefited from basing myself in London, it’s allowed me to meet a wide range of interesting people. Our University sometimes puts on networking sessions, and I try to attend every single one. My advice to anyone starting out would be to make the most of any networking opportunities you’re given, they’re invaluable when it comes to expanding your connections in the fashion world.


London fashion and textiles design student sketching an outfit
Fashion and textiles student sketching an outfit idea. Photo by and courtesy to Sophie Lodge with permission


Take Responsibility

As a designer aspiring to create high-end fashion, I am very particular about the materials I use. It’s disheartening to see so many high-street retailers using unethical practices when it comes to the manufacturing process of their garments. A brand creating superior quality pieces like luxury bridal lingerie are more likely to have taken care and consideration into their fabrics than a fast-fashion company. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is to take responsibility when it comes to sourcing my materials, to use high-quality fabrics with a better understanding of where they have come from.


Don’t Lose Yourself

Whatever degree you’re studying for, University can sometimes make you feel like you’re in a bubble. At times, the stress of it all can make you question yourself. I’ve often felt like a slave to my sewing machine, locked away in my room with daylight shining through the crack in the curtains. One of my few regrets from my time studying fashion is not enjoying the actual process enough, getting involved with university life and having fun with my friends. Being studious is not necessarily a bad thing by any standards, and I’m proud of my dedication. However, maybe there were a few times I could have relaxed a little more and taken time for myself. Therefore, my final lesson is to not lose yourself!


Get Out There

I’m immensely nervous as I reach the end of my final year, but also incredibly excited for what’s to come next. Studying fashion and pursing my dreams is the best decision I’ve ever made, remember it’s never too late to pursue yours.


Comment by Nicole from High Latitude Style

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