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A car as a hat box

#LookbookStore #HighLatitudeStyle #streetstyle
#LookbookStore #HighLatitudeStyle #streetstyle
Baby pink dress c/o Lookbook Store with bebe brown leather dress, Jaeger tote and brown Michael Kors sandals
#LookbookStore #over40 #motorcycejacket #streetstle #HighLatitudeStyle
Babypink dress c/o Lookbook Store with bebe motorcycle jacket, Michael Kors sandals, and Jaeger tote

I love hats even in summer. Of course, I wear them as a style statement once in a while in summer, but most the time for sun protection. I do not like the color my hair turns into when I stayed in the sun too long. I also like to have my face in the shade. Moreover, I want to avoid to get headaches when it gets hot, ok, what an Alaskan thinks is hot 😉 .

Thus, I have several sun hats, and in summer, I keep them all in the car so I always have the hat handy that matches my outfit when I am in need for a hat. My husband does the same thing. Since we have only one car, the entire back seats are covered with hats!

When we give people a ride, we first have to collect the hats to place them in the trunk. The reaction of people is quite different. Some passengers take a short glimpse at the hats and keep on talking about what we were talking when going thru the parking lot. They try to suppress a smile, and pretend ignoring the hats’ existence. Some passengers smile widely and say something like “One baseball cap would do it.” or something along that route. One person  asked that they thought I immigrated from Germany, not Great Britain. A colleague asked “what do you do with all these hats?”  The most funny reaction came from a couple whom I had offered a ride this summer. They started trying out all the hats while I tried to put the hats in the trunk. The best comment, so far, came from a 12 year old “A hat box on wheels.”

How would you react when you were offered a ride in a car where literally all free space is taken by hats?

For examples how I wear my hats see here, here, and here.

Disclosure: The dress is courtesy to Lookbook Store.  You can find my review here . Lookbook Store has 5% off everything coupon with the code SAS5.

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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