See these great snake print outfit ideas

Leo is nearly a classic One of my readers asked me “Why is snakeprint so underused?” Well, it’s complicated. A major reason may be that it has a strong competitor: Leopard. Leopard print has been around already so long that it is nearly a classic in recent years. In the 60s, leopard print was associated […]

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Why the grinch loved being sick at Christmas

Twinkle lights make the season romantic When I was a child, teenager and later as a twenty something I never liked Christmas time. To be precise, as a child I loved when we drove to Essen or another city of the Rhein-Ruhr area to walk thru the street malls with their wonderful festive light decoration. […]

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Stop your anxiety about what to wear

Worry about what is worth worrying We all worry about things. It can be about a variety of things. And even things we enjoy like dressing up. How often did you stand in front of your closet clueless what to wear for an occassion? Never worry about the right outfit again. Buy my book How to […]

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