Thoughts on what to thank for

Dear readers, This is the 19th Thanksgiving in my life. Why? Well, I’m an immigrant who came to Alaska more than 18 years ago. My very first ever Thanksgiving was on a business trip. It sort of set our Thanksgiving traditions. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect about all the great, good things one has […]

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How to easily look stylish with a Haftee | Review

Layering is a great way to look stylish Living in the sub-Arctic for now more than 17 years, I have learned to layer. In the middle of the winter, when temperatures drop in the negative double digits, there is no other way to stay warm. First I found it hard to avoid to look like […]

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Review of Zenmed’s new eye serum

Review of Zenmed’s new essential eye serum and how it worked when I tested it for 10 days and a Top of the world style linkup party

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