Happy Goat Lucky blue Valentina downcoat review

Another great downcoat of Happy Goat Lucky’s collection As I stated already in my review of the Happy Goat Lucky Grace downcoat, I used not to be a fan of downcoats. However, curiousity made me browse their page and what I saw there all looked stylish and sleek. Perfect for me! As you know fitted […]

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See my royal blue Diwali outfit

Each Diwali need a brandnew outfit The festival of lights was already a while ago, but I haven’t shown you the photos yet. Part of it was that the annual party organized for the event actually took place about two weeks later due the ballroom being booked for other events like Halloween, etc. Thus, another […]

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How to look ageless in blue

Tips and outfit examples how to wear blue in midlife and have ageless style

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