Cami Confidential Review

Despite I am slim and do a lot of ballroom dancing, I start to get what’s called bingo wings. It seems like I got them over night. Because of them, I more and more stay away from sleeveless evening or other (dance) dresses. Like many women my motto is “cover them up.” Thus, when Cami […]

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AirFree air purifier review

Yes, you should worry about dust in your house! You can only see the very large particles. Think of the annoying dust that you wipe away from your furniture week after week. Or the particles dancing in the room illuminated by the light of the Sun rays coming thru the window. Ever wondered what they are? […]

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DKSUKO boots for women | Review

Rain boots make me dream I don’t know about you, but rain boots somehow (re-)connect me to fun childhood memories and happy feelings. When my siblings and I wore them, we were allowed to walk thru puddles. Loved that at that time, but I loved the occasional colorful rainbows even more. We also wore the […]

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