Five tips to create a working fall wardrobe – Tip #4 (Accessories)

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Baby pink dress c/o Lookbook Store with own Great Northwest utility jacket, Nine West camouflage booties, and a lilac Coach bag for a classic with a twist style

Accessories for style and insulation

Tips number 1 to 2 covered taking inventory and identifying needed clothing items, updating and repairing shoes and boots, and outerwear, i.e. the absolute essentials. Today’s tip is on the styling elements or as I see it, the closing of the cold bridges at the neck, head, hands, boots.

Look at the accessories you already own

Take your accessories out of the basket, drawer, shelf or wherever you keep them. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it still in good conditions (no knots on scarves, hats, no wear marks on leather gloves, etc.)?
  2. Do I remember when I last wore this?
  3. Do I still like it?
  4. Does it look dated?
  5. Does it match to the outerwear wardrobe that you built when applying tip #3?
  6. Does it need cleaning?

Get rid of all items that get a no on questions 1, 2 and 3. In case of 2 and 3, you may think about donation if the piece is still in good conditions and selling if it is a high price item. You know that you should wear you Burberry scarf, right? It is not only for the commute to the opera, and visits of the in-laws who think of you as being the wrong spouse for their kid ;). Keeping something as Sunday’s Best is so Old Lady and out of style. 😉

Consider DIY for trendy updates and dated accessories

A no on question 4 should lead to at least one follow-up question on the item: Is it worth updating, and can it be done? Recall that in the 40s and 50s women brought their hats to the hat store each season to have the hat band and/or other hat accessories altered/updated. I remember my granny still doing this in the late 70s.

There are hardly such stores anymore, but it is easy to DIY. For instance, last season’s color of the fabric flowers on your hat could be exchanged to this seasons color. Take it off, dye it, and sew it back on. Or exchange it to another embellishment like feathers or just a headband with a bow. The pompom of your knit hat could be exchanged by a tussle or long braid, or the hat could be dyed if it is cotton or wool. You can also update last season’s accessories by adding something that is this season’s hip color. You get the idea. Some nice DIY projects. Sometimes the update can be as easy as adding a brooch or taking something off.

A no to question 5 may either throw the item in the DIY section to get the right color by dyeing or making the match possible by another alteration. If it is not possible or worth the effort, donate it.

Identify what you need to buy

Now you should be left with what you’ll keep. Identify what is missing. Ask yourself:

  1. What pop of color or neutral would update my fall wardrobe?
  2. Is there a fall accessory trend that would up your wardrobe from great to fashion forward or right now without breaking the bank/budget?

Create the shopping list to get what is needed. Don’t forget about DIY. Hats and scarfs are easy and sometimes cheaper to knit or crochet. Another plus and style factor, DIY scarfs and hats are unique and hence so your very own style. Remember:
DIY scarves and hats are unique and hence so your very own style. #personalstyle #effortlesslychic Click To Tweet

Remember you can up your style factor with gloves.  The same applies to scarves and hats.  See these tips how to style your outerwear.

Don’t forget to drop off the donations and to clean what needs to be cleaned. Stick to your list when shopping and assign time for the DIY project(s).

midlife fashion blogger in pink and olive business casual look
Great Northwest utility jacket worn over a short sleeve baby pink dress c/o Lookbook Store to stay warm in the cool early morning hours with temperatures in the 50s (10oC). the casual outfit is accessorized with Nine West camouflage booties and a Coach bag (own)

Have you already started building your fall wardrobe? How are you doing on your shopping? What’s on your list? What is a must and what a lust item you are looking for? Let me know, I am curious.

Continue to the fifth tip on creating an awesome fall wardrobe. It is about putting it all together.

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