Five tips to create a working fall wardrobe – Tip #3 (Outerwear)

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In the first wardrobe creation tip and the second tip on replacing shoes for fall we took care of two aspects in the step of creating a working fall wardrobe, namely the “indoor” clothes and a strategy how to replace items in an efficient way budget wise. Now let’s look at the outerwear.

Tip #3 – outerwear planning

Try winter items on over thick sweaters, not your top from summer. #buyingcoats #outerwear Click To Tweet
How to create an awesome coat wardrobe depends on your lifestyle and the weather in the region you live. Get all your coats, parkas, anoraks, etc. out of your closet and inspect them for fit over a thick sweater or anything that you wear in fall. I know it is still summer and you wear your comfy tank top or fav T-shirt right now, but that’s not what you will wear under your coat in fall and later in winter. Thus, always try coats & co on with something substantial underneath. You don’t want to look like a sausage when you wear it under real fall conditions, right? 😉 Instead you want to create an awesome coat wardrobe.

fashion blogger in snowleopard top with blush meshskirt
Nude layered mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store, own GNW snow leopard print cardigan worn as top accessorized with a gray belt, Dolce and Gabbana Madonna sunglasses, Anne Klein pumps, coach bag (all own) and statement necklace c/o Almo Jewelry

Like you did when working on tip 1, get five trash bags, and label one bag trash, one bag donations, one bag dry cleaner, one bag tailor and one bag consignment.

Now look thru your outerwear and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you still like the piece?
  2. Can you remember when you last wore it?
  3. Does it fit?
  4. Can a tailor make it fit?
  5. Are the bottoms of the sleeves and/or the collar worn out? If so could it be fixed by sewing some faux fur on, exchanging some fabric or shortening the sleeves to the three quarter sleeve length that is so hip now? Is it worth the cost for alteration? If you go for that trendy sleeve length, put some opera length gloves onto your shopping list as otherwise you will not wear it. It will be too cold.
  6. Does it look dated (i.e. not a classic, but last season’s trend), and can it be updated to this season by dying, having it altered, and is it worth the effort?
  7. Does it need an appointment with the dry cleaner? Tip: Save by DIY at home dry cleaning.

All pieces that do not get a yes on question 1 to 4 get the questions whether they are still in good condition. If not, they go to into the bag labeled trash. If yes, medium and high brands/designer pieces go into the consignment, the others in the donation bag. Recall what you consign can up you new clothes budget.

If on 5 and/or 6 you decided to have the item altered, put it in the tailor bag otherwise in the trash bag in case of 5, and in the donation bag in case of 6. A yes to 7 means it goes into the dry cleaner bag after you have reflected on what you are left with and need to capture all nasty fall/winter weather conditions.

Make a list of needed items

Write the missing/needed items on a list. Prioritize them when you are on a budget. Add an upper most price to each of them. Also think about which colors you outerwear should have to look stylish in them. A pink coat, for instance, is probably not a great idea when you own a collection of jeans in all colors of the rainbow. In this case, a neutral will work much better than a fashion color. The same applies for a wide plaid pattern on a coat, when most of your pants and skirts have some pattern too. When the majority of your pants is in neutrals, a bright color can make you stand out of the crowd if you dare. Adding a pop of color can improve the mood on rainy days. You get the idea.

Donate good pieces that don’t work for you any more to charity

Shopping is fun, but don’t forget to bring the items in the bags to the appropriate places.

Continue with the fourth tip that covers the accessories for a working fall wardrobe.

fashion blogger over 50 in mesh skirt with animal print top and motorcycle leather vest
GNW snow leopard print cardigan worn as top, gray belt, Dolce and Gabbana Madonna sunglasses, Anne Klein sling back pumps pumps, coach bag, VS motorcycle vest, Tissot watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own) mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store and statement necklace c/o Almo Jewelry

What are your fashion challenges? Let me know, I am eager to learn how I can help you and add more posts on what you want to read.

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