Five tips to create a working fall wardrobe – Tip #1 (taking inventory)

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Plan your fall wardrobe early

I know, I know. It is still the mid of summer, and you are still pre-vacation or vacation mode. You have your resort style or short summer vacation outfit ideas on your mind. The heat is on and we are not so unhappy about the heat as it sounds when we sigh. We also are in full denial. Summer means freedom, even fashion wise. The dress code is a little looser than in the other times of the year because it is hot. Well whatever is hot for you. But face it. Fall will soon knock at the door and announce winter, who then will show its ugly face for what seems to be never ending.

My experience over the last years was that it is harder to find the items I want when the pressure to have them increases. Thus, last summer, I started early on planning my cold season wardrobe and it paid off big time – style wise and budget wise.

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#fashionover50 woman in sheath
Abstract floral print Eli Tahari sleeveless summer sheath dress worn with a vintage MOSHINO belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, studded red pumps, Newport News motorcycle jacket, and an orange statement bag for an office appropriate summer look. See the interesting hem line and neckline of this dress. A necklace would be too much. An abstract brooch works

In this series of five posts, I will present tips how to create an awesome fall/winter wardrobe without breaking the bank and without starving style wise.

Tip #1: Take stock

When the weekend forecast calls for rain assign that rainy day to take stock of what you have and identify what you need. Get five trash bags and label them tailor, dry cleaner, charity, consignment, and trash. Also have the laundry basket handy for clothes that need ironing. If you had not had the time to wash everything before you put the clothes in storage in spring have a second one for the clothes that need to be washed. Take you last seasons items out of the storage and pile them onto your bed (so you cannot bail out). Go thru your fall/winter clothes and sort out all items that

  1. you do not recall when you wore it last time
  2. you hardly wore last winter
  3. are damaged and not repairable
  4. you are sick off
  5. are too small/tight/large
  6. not the style you want to go for
  7. were last season’s must-have trend, but now look like what they are: Last season’s trend and hence old fashioned
  8. need dry cleaning (Tip: Save money by DIY at-home dry-cleaning)
  9. need see the tailor
  10. need ironing
  11. need washing

Put all clothes that fall under (1), (2) , (4), (5), (6) or (7) if they are still usable, in the  bag labeled consignment or charity depending on the quality and condition, and otherwise in the bag labeled trash. Make sure you put the trash bag into the trash immediately after you are done going thru the pile of clothes on your bed to ensure that you will not pull them out again.

Now on your bed, you are left with what you will keep. Go thru the pile to identify what is missing and write the items down on a list that you always carry with you. Hint: It’s best to store the list on your phone.

How to identify what’s missing in your fall/winter wardrobe

Here a couple of questions that help you in identifying your needs:

  • Does my wardrobe miss color?
  • Are there enough neutrals?
  • Is a key item (e.g., blazer, coat, jacket) missing?
  • What items would update the wardrobe I have?
  • What did I wish last fall to have bought and would I miss this item this season too and why did I want it and what would it add to my wardrobe?
  • Do I have enough work clothes/weekend clothes?

Put the items that fall under (8), (9), (10), and (11) in the respective containers and the rest back into storage until fall comes – hopefully not so soon. Take care of the tasks related to (8) thru (11) as soon as possible.

If you are on a budget, revisit the list and add your upper limit of what you can afford for the items to stay in your budget and/or put a priority on them.

Set dates to shop for just one item of the list and decide which one you stop for. That item is what your search should focus on. However, if you see an item that is on your list and you still like it the next day, by all mean go buy it the next day if it fits you and into your wardrobe. Don’t forget to cross items off the list when you bought them. Adjust your shopping schedule and the budget. When you spend less on an item than planned, you can splurge on another. Just know when to slurge and when to bargain.

Priotize your shopping list according to your needs

Start with the most needed item first. If a coat or shoes are on the list that would be it. Have fun shopping, and

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Continue to the next tip on creating an awesome fall wardrobe.

mature style woman in office outfit
Newport News pink tailored leather jacket with Eli Tahari sheath dress to stay comfortably in AC and/or the underground. The leather jacket picks up the feminine vibe and a color of the abstract floral print dress. The bag, belt and pumps pick up three other colors of this summer work outfit. The studded pumps and leather jacket add a twist to this otherwise classic look

Did you already start preparing your fall wardrobe? What’s on your list?

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