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Five tips to create a working fall wardrobe – Tip #2

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fashion over 40 woman in denim dress
Liz Claiborne denim shirt dress with Anne Klein T-strap sandals, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag and an ethnic belt (all own)
fashion over 50 woman in denim dress with ethnic belt
Zoom in on the ethnic belt. It is a layering technique. The flower can also be worn as a necklace. The belt can also be adjusted to be worn without the flower

This post is the second of my five post series on how to build a working wardrobe for fall without breaking the bank. Last time, I talked about the importance of and how to take stock and identify which clothes are needed to update your look, which items require fixing, and which items have to be replaced. See tip #1 at the link if you missed the post.

Tip #2

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Tweet this. Thus, when you wear an average shoe size or you have a hard time to get your size, you want to get ahead of the curve to still have the pick at the litter. Take a look at your shoes from last fall and winter. Identify which one you have to replace, which one were last year’s trend item, but are not so you any more, and which one you have to bring to the cobbler. Do the latter on your next trip to the mall so you have them ready when temperatures drop.

Replace shoes with shoes from the same category

Now ask yourself in what kind of category the shoes fall that need to be replaced. If they are your go-to workhorse, you want to splurge on them. If they are the trendy item from last season, ask yourself which of the many new trends is the most you and fits your style. Think about how much this trend is worth for you, how often you expect to wear the trendy shoes – your experience with last year’s trendy item is a good first guess – and set an upper limit. A good ballpark is not more than $1 per wear.

Do some pre-shopping to see what’s out there

Browse at the mall or online stores for the type of shoes you have to replace. In the former case, take photos and notes where you saw them and ask how many exist in your size and whether they would hold them for you for 24 hours. In case of online shopping just bookmark them. Once you have an idea what is out there go home. In case of online stores, bookmark the sides with the shoes you like.

Assess whether to spurge or not

Make up your mind what is most important for you in the kind of item you have to buy. If you are replacing your go-to every day  workhorse get the most “classic” and highest quality item you can afford.  Here I mean classic in the sense of typical for the style you wear. In the case of street style, it may be black booties with chains or booties where you can add shoes jewelry to get the style, in the case of casual style, it may be sneakers or riding boots. You get the idea.

Avoid affection purchases

On the next day, ask yourself whether you are still in love with your choice. <3 If so go get it. If not, keep on browsing. Repeat until the job is done.

mature style woman in trench coat
Wearing a Burberry Brit trench coat to stay warm on a day with temperatures in the upper 60s over a 3/4 sleeve denim shirt dress. The dress is tied with an ethnic belt. The combination of neutral tan, denim blue and dove are a fool proof classic European color combination

What shoes do you need to replace for fall? Do you have an easy to shop for size where the cute things sell out fast? Or do you have a shoe size at the upper or lower end of the size chart, which is hard to find? Let me know what your shopping challenges are so I can help you. Just send me an email.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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