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No nonsense fishnet review

#Nononsense fashion tights sheer to waist review @

#Nononsense fashion tights sheer to waist review @
Fishnet tights c/o No nonsense with own ballroom performance dress, Very Fine dance shoes, and pearl studs c/o Wendy Mignot

My regular readers know that my fitness program or exercise is ballroom dancing. When I was asked to write a review about No nonsense sport socks, I wrote them back that women won’t wear sport socks in ballroom dancing, but nude fishnets and that I would love to write a review about them as they are my go-to. Guess what, I got this awesome pair of nude fishnets to review.
#Nononsense fashion tights  review @
Zoom-in on the fishnet fashion tights c/o No nonsense with own Very Fine dance shoes

These fishnets are serious

These fishnets are not the type of fishnets you can buy for Halloween. The No Nonsense fishnets are serious tights. The toe section is knitted tightly. Thus, you will not have a toe sticking out of a mesh after a night of dancing. The fishnet is actually knitted as you can see in the photo below. Thus, I don’t have to fear to get tangled up with the fishnets on a button of the tuxedo when my partner lifts me.

#Nononsense fashion tights sheer to waist review @
No nonsense fishnets as they come packed. See that the net is actually knitted.

No kidding! This scenario is not made up! It happened to us two years ago at the UAF students’ Latin Dance Club’s Halloween dance. The laughter of our students was loud, as was mine, which did not help in the funny situation. I will never ever wear any fishnets that are not knitted for that reason.
#Nononsense fashion tight review @
Zoom-in on the fishnet fashion tights c/o No nonsense with own Very Fine dance shoes

These No nonsense fishnets have a nice size regarding the see-thru and the contact they provide with the shoes. Thus, they are perfect for dance practice and performances. They also come in other flesh colors.
#Nononsense fashion tight review nude fishnets @
Fishnet tights c/o No nonsense. They wonderfully cover any bumps, mosquito bites, and training bruises and even out the color, while the legs still look like skin. Compare the color of my arms with the color of the legs.

Yes, you may not be a dancer. But you may want to wear fishnets for Halloween without the above risk, or you want to wear a cocktail dress to the office party, but your office dress code asks for tights and you want to wear those strappy sandals that just look perfect with your dress. Fishnets permit wearing strappy sandals. And in contrast to pantyhose, they don’t look “Old Lady.”
#Nononsense fishnet fashion tight review @
Zoom in on the toe section and foot of the fishnet fashion tights c/o No nonsense and own Very Fine dance shoes

Price-performance ratio of No Nonsense fishnets

This No Nonsense fishnets cost $6.99. This price is a great deal as even under my more than 6 hours/week dance practice and performance they have last more than a year in the past. I own three pairs (now four) that are in rotation. This means these No nonsense fishnet fashion tights are less than a dollar in no time. I ❤ them.

Even if you wear them only to two upcoming weddings and an office party this year or Halloween and for two or three similar occasions next year you get to less than a dollar per wear.
P.S. They also have awesome lace tights. Perfect for date night (or Argentine Tango).

When you like these nude fishnet, give them a try, and tell your friends to have a look at these awesome No Nonsense fashion tights.

#Nononsense nude fishnet fashion tights review @
Nude fishnet fashion tights c/o No nonsense with own ballroom performance gown and Very Fine dance shoes

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Do you wear fishnets or fashion tights? When do you wear them? Let me know, I am curious.

Photos: G. Kramm (2016)

Disclosure: The nude fishnet fashion tights are a sample from No nonsense. The post is not endorsed by No nonsense. I wrote the post entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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