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Avoid these mistakes when dressing for Valentine’s Day

#fashionover50 Best looks for the holidays
mature fashion Avoid these mistakes when dressing for a Valentine's Day dinner
Anne Klein red turtleneck sweater with black blazer, London Boyfriend jeans and Michael Kors wedge camouflage sneakers (all own). This outfit would work when going to a road house for dinner at temperatures in the double negative digits (colder than -23.3oC)

Valentine’s Day can be a real dress challenge for women over 40. Yes, the winter temperatures are one part of the challenge. You want to be attractive for your guy and look sexy, but not cheap. To achieve ageless style when dressing for your Valentine’s Day date avoid these major mistakes.

fashion over 50 Avoid these mistakes when dressing for a Valentine's dinner in cold weather
Back view of above outfit (all own)

What to avoid when picking your Valentine’s Day outfit

  • Seeing the twenty something as competition and dressing like them with large cleavage and cut-outs is a mine. While they can get away with it, for us over 40 less skin is more.
  • A body conscious or too tight dress. It makes you look like trying too hard.
  • Wearing heels that you cannot walk in. It will make you look old, ridiculous, helpless, and not attractive.
  • Not making one of your best features the statement. You would look like not trying at all.
  • Over-bling. Jewelry should highlight, but not compete with your features.
  • Wear red just because it is Valentine’s Day. If you don’t look and feel great in red, don’t wear it. If red is not a flattering color on you, you will not look to your best. Moreover, be aware that red visually adds pounds. If you don’t need them, why adding them?
  • Not having a cover-up when wearing a cocktail dress. Goose bumps are never ageless style, nor sexy, and never attractive.
  • Wearing the OOTD shown in the first photo of this post when temperatures are above the freezing point. Only when it is really, really cold, the red turtleneck will be seen as dressing with the vibe. It’s cold outside!
fashion over 40 mature tights Valentine’s Day dinner outfit suggestion with Dakota sheath featuring the legs, Steve Madden ankle strap pumps, GNW Luxe sweater (all own) and wooden watch c/o Jord, turnip triple rib tight c/o No nonsense

fashion over 50  outfit for going out Outfit suggestion to feature the collar bone with BCDC statement belt, Halogen jacket, GNW tight, abstract print  fit-and-flare dress (all own)

mature Fashion woman in a little red dress A fool proof outfit suggestion: Go with a Little Red Dress. This outfit works in warm climate regions. Steve Madden sandals, Jaeger tote (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord

over 40 fashion fit-and-flare dress for Valentine's Day Valentine’s Day suggestion fit-and-flare dress with brooch featuring the collar bone, hiding wide hips if needed (all own)

Today’s OOTD is a suggestion for a Valentine’s Day dinner at a roadhouse in Alaska directly after work on a very cold winter day (temperatures below -10F or 23.3oC). It just goes with the spirit of wearing red to avoid being cold. It’s Alaska!

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 fashion over 40 dinner outfit for cold weather
Side view of outfit with Anne Klein red turtleneck sweater, black blazer, London Boyfriend jeans and Michael Kors wedge camouflage sneakers (all own)

Have you already made plans for Valentine’s Day? Will you go out or spend a romantic evening at home? What will you wear? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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