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How to look stylish with hats over 40

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Fashion over 40 How to look stylish in hats
Boiled wool felt fedora with plaid cape, shearling coat, GNW tights, Harley Davidson booties, and Philip Lim 3.1 bag (all own)

Hat trends of the past

Hats used to have a place all year round long time ago. My late mom once told me that my grandma had her hats altered every season to be on the latest trend. The hats usually had a neutral color and the embellishments like feather, blossoms, etc. were exchanged to match the latest trends in color and hat trim.
High Latitude Style How To Wear Hats Over 40
When I was a kid, my grandpas wore straw fedoras in summer and felt fedoras in winter. In summer, they paired their hats with a light blazer, in winter with a straight wool or loden coat. My parents wore hats only in the cold season and only when it was cold. My mom hat a beautiful gray hat with feathers that I adored. My late dad had a small hat collection including a leather driver’s cap, leather and wool Prinz Heinrich Mützen, a felt fedora, a Bavarian hat, a leather Australian hat, and various pom pom hats.

#agelessstyle example how to style a hat for a wedding
Wearing a wide brim hat at my wedding

Hats when I was a kid

Back then I already loved hats and had a small hat collection. It included a Tirolean red hat with feathers, a red pom-pom hat, a pom-pom hat with a long tail that one could wrap around the neck, a straw hat, and a wide brim yellow hat. I have loved hats so much that I also wore a hat to my wedding (photo above).

Hat trends today

It has been a while that hats were in fashion, but hats are a hot trend right now. Here are some tips how to wear a hat that is not the usual everyday baseball hat, sunhat on vacation or the cowboy hat when visiting a western bar.

Styling with hats

#maturestyle How to style hats: example beret Outfit with beret#over40fashion how to wear hats: winter outerwear The hat’s color is repeated by the belt and the print of the bag ties the colors of the outfit together

#over40fashion how to look stylish with hatsWinter Russian hat#over50fashion how 2 wear hats: example pompom hat LeatherCoatsEtc. classic red pea-coat styled with a pom-pom hat for a casual outerwear look in winter

Which hat to wear with what clothes

  • Wide brim hats like in the wedding photo look great with Euro Chic looks like fitted sleek dresses, or skirt suits.
  • Floppy wide brim hats work well with modern Bohemian outfits.
  • Visor hats look great with casual outfits and look more posh than a baseball cap.
  • Russian style hats need faux fur coats, heavy wool coats in military style, and shearling coats. Adding a large Russian scarf or a plaid scarf can provide an extra layer of insulation. Belting the scarf adds shape, looks posh, and ups the style factor.
  • Straw hats are for summer. Wide brim, not floppy straw hats look great with sleek maxi dresses that lack a Bohemian vibe. Adding a matching scarf as a hat band makes the hat more versatile.
  • A floppy straw hat is perfect with Bohemian maxi dresses.
  • A narrow brim straw hat is a great addition to an urban safari style look. Be careful when adding animal print to this look as you can easily end up in costumy territory. It is a slim balance between looking effortlessly stylish and like trying to hard.
  • Western hats look great with an American West Ralph Lauren like style. Stay away from adding cowboy boots plus plaid shirt and Indian jewelry on all burners to avoid looking costumy.
  • Felt fedoras look great with classic trend coats, winter wool coats, and motorcycle jackets.
  • Style straw fedoras with straight jeans and a white short-sleeve shirt in summer. White denim pants or chinos with a dark short-sleeve shirt are great options too.
  • Pom-pom hats have a casual vibe. They are great with casual or sporty outdoor winter clothes like down-jackets, down-coats, and short shearling jackets. In the urban jungle, they also look trendy with heavy camel coats or wool coats as well as pea-coats. Neutral colors like black, gray and white look mature. Go for a pop of color when you are a gray fox. In all cases, skip on anything neon.
  • A Greek fisherman’s hat or Prinz Heinrichmütze as it is called in Germany is tricky. In middle Europe, this type of hat is worn in navy blue mostly by men in fall with a straight jacket in coastal regions. In the US, it is a style statement worn out of its original content. In the sense of Isaac Mirzahi, one tries out various pieces and looks what looks the rightest wrong.
  • Trapper hats look great with shearling coats, down coats or heavy wool militray style coats.

Further inspirations with hats

#over40fashion how 2 wear hats: example fedora Burberry motorcycle coat with zipper blossom embellished fedora hat#midlifefashion example how to look effortlessly stylish with a hatDriver’s wool cap as a finishing touch to a casual fall look

maturefashion how 2 wear hats: straw hat Straw hat (own) styled with summer vacation dress c/o HSN

#fashionover40 styling hats over 40: hat matched to outfit by means of a scarf Updating a straw hat with a scarf to match the outfit#fashionover50 styling hats: example visor hat Casual weekend outfit with straw visor hat

#40plusfashion Ageless style with hats: Greek fishermen's hat Blue and white outfit with LeatherCoatsEtc. Greek Fisherman hat for the weekend

OOTD with hat

#fashionover50 mature ideas on how to have style with hats
Side view of outerwear with hat, plaid poncho, shearling coat, GNW tights, Harley Davidson booties, and Philip Lim 3.1 bag (all own)

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Will you jump the bandwagon on the hat trend? If so what kind of hats do you want to try out? How will you style them? Have you already a hat? Do you like the hat trend? Let me know your style challenges with hat by sending me an email so I can help you with tips and tricks.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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