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Green Tree Jewelry review

#GreenTreeJewelry wooden earrings review at High Latitude style @
Green Tree Jewelry wooden earrings
Samples of Green Tree Jewelry’s collection of wood earrings

Wooden jewelry, sustainable fashion

It seems to be unbelievable that the delicate earrings shown in the photo above are all wooden jewelry. Green Tree Jewelry uses thin, strong multi-layer wood put together in a criss-cross way to obtain stability and strength. This material permits to create these awesome very light wooden earrings.

Have you ever seen how heavy metals are mined? If not, you are not missing out. But if you did, you may even more appreciate that wood jewelry is sustainable and more eco-friendly at least in countries that pay attention to sustainable resources. Some of my American friends will love that these wooden earrings are all American made.

Green Tree Jewelry collection

Green Tree Jewelry has a huge collection of wooden earrings covering a variety of themes from animal, over music, design, geometric, aquatic, flowers to famous destinations like the US states, the Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge or the Eiffel Tower, just to mention a few. They even have earrings featuring the various professions. Scissors for a hair stylist, a small camera for the paparazzi or fashion blogger, wine glasses for the waiter or waitress. With over 600 designers creating jewelry for Green Tree Jewelry picking just three items is tough!

Green Tree Jewelry also has awesome chic wood bracelets and adorable ornaments. These are perfect accessories for a beach wedding, any casual outfit and some pieces are even great as the finishing touch of a work outfit.

Green Tree Jewelry wooden earring church window
Zoom-in on the wooden earrings c/o Green Tree Jewelry featuring a geometric church window like design

I picked the three pairs shown in the first photo of this post. I really love the church window inspired pattern of the the yellow earrings in the photo above. They have a modern, but classic vibe, which makes them an excellent accessory to summer work outfits or now to festive events.

Green Tree Jewelry wooden DNA earring
Wooden earring c/o Green Tree Jewelry featuring the design of DNA

Being a scientist the DNA look of the red earrings caught my eyes. Thus, I could not resist picking them. They are a great addition to style casual weekend outfits, and a great fashion over 40 accessory for the 4th of July. Add a pair of boyfriend jeans, a white T-shirt, a red statement belt, red baseball cap, and red cute ballerinas and you are ready to watch the parade. This pair of earrings is a must-have fashion item for any biologist or nurse.

Green Tree Jewelry wooden leaf-style earring
Leaf wooden earrings c/o Green Tree Jewelry

As a kid I was always fascinated by the seeds and leaves of various trees. I always thought they would make great earrings. These leaf-inspired green earrings are right along that line. I plan to wear these beauties with my olive military inspired shirt dress or the olive utility jacket like in the photo above. Now in winter, these leaf earrings work with my olive suede utility jacket as evergreen leaves with a T-shirt and jeans for a casual weekend look.

Why I love these wooden earrings

I love that the Green Tree Jewelry earrings are much lighter than metal earrings. You can wear them out dancing and you don’t have to take them off when running to catch the bus. These wooden earrings will swing nicely without you having the feeling that centrifugal or gravitational forces attempt to rip your ears off. I also love that they are long without looking over the top.

The prices of these wooden earrings range from $14.95 to $19.95. Heavy metal cannot beat that! Thus, the Green Tree Jewelry earrings are very affordable to up your style a nudge. Didn’t you always wonder what to do with that $20 Master Card giftcard that you got for Christmas or your birthday? Hint, hint! 😉 These earrings are also great gifts for all those female relatives whom you still have to give a belated Christmas gift. 😉

Aren’t these earrings cute fashion items? Have a look at their wood jewelry collection and tell me by email which one are your favorite wooden earrings and how you would style them. I am curious.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Other photos: N. Mölders

Disclosure: The wooden earrings are samples of my choice from Green Tree Jewelry. The post is not endorsed by Green Tree Jewelry. I wrote it entirely on my own and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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