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PromTimes holiday party dresses for over 40 #fashionover40 #fashionover50 Dresses for the Office Holiday Party for Women over 40 @ High Latitude Style @ fashionover40 Dresses for the Office Holiday Party PromTimes sleeveless evening dress for an office holiday party requiring formal attire fashionover50 Office Holiday Party dress Back view of sleeveless short evening dress

It is this time of the year again. One holiday party after the other. First the Thanksgiving Office party, then the End of the Year Office Party, or whatever the politically correct name at your work place may be.

The LBD is a nobrainer, and a classic to throw on with some pearls or, for the daring, a statement necklace. However, you did that last year already because you spent all the money on gifts for others without thinking about that you had worn that LBD already three years in a row before. Your “favorite” colleague had already made one of her (not so funny) comments about it two years ago.

Don’t let it happen again that at the max-out of your credit card, your needs fall thru the cracks! Put yourself first and get a new chic dress for the holidays without breaking the bank.

What about the dress in the photo above for under GBP50 (about $75)? Sounds to good to be true, but it is. PromTimes has many stylish dresses in that price range. The dress in the photo below is another example of their affordable evening dresses.

These beauties come in all kinds of colors. Any bright color is easy to remember. Thus, if you plan to wear the dress to several occasions this year or for years to come, but don’t want to go for black, chocolate and navy are great options. These colors often look better on a 40+ skin than black, but are also slimming. The colors give you the option to style it with contrary color, the same shade, an analogous color or like a LBD. Another plus, on cell-phone photos, chocolate and navy are hard to distinguish from black! Thus, that nasty colleague can’t comment on your recycling the dress. 😉

fashionover40 promtimes evening gown PromTimes sheath dress with sweetheart cleavage and draping
over40fashion promtimes evening gown Back view of the sheath dress. The large back cleavage makes this dress also perfect for a vacation party

When you have well tuned arms this sheath dress is a great option to show them off. The off-white is perfect when you are just back from a vacation and have a great tan. The classic tailored cut with its vertical lines make it also an instant slimming outfit when you pick the dress in a dark color, i.e. everything that is not a pastel, pink or red shade. When you are looking for a slimming effect always go for a fabric without shine. This dress works well for women with cup size C and up. The dress also leaves some room for dessert.

I like this dress as it can do double duty as a party dress on vacation and styled with a stole or an embellished cardigan be worn at the office Holiday party. Be aware that a Little White Dress will be as easily remembered as any bright color.

styleover50 promtimes evening gown PromTimes fit-and-flare 50s inspired evening dress
styleover50 promtimes evening gown Back view of fit-and-flare evening dress

For those of us with wider hips or those straight-up-and-down a fit-and-flare dress is a great option. In the first case for coverage, in the second for creating the illusion of an hourglass body.

maturestyle promtimes evening gown for an Office Holiday Party PromTimes elegant evening dress with pendulum
turningfashionintostyle promtimes lace evening gown suitable for an Office Holiday Party Back view of sheath dress with lace and pendulum

The dress above also gives some curves to a straight-up-and-down body. The pendulum also can hide a little tummy. The dress can be styled with a stole, but a cardigan or jacket would not look good with it. Thus, tuned arms are a must for this style.

maturestyle promtimes evening gown with sweetheart cleavage PromTimes evening dress with sweetheart cleavage, 3/4-length lace sleeves and slimming vertical lines due to the wrapping look
fashionover40 promtimes evening gown back view Back view of the evening gown shown in the photo to the left

Some offices even have a ball for their Christmas party. My dance partner and I once had to perform an Argentine Tango on I am Dreaming of a White Christmas. Most of the women wore long evening gowns. I like gowns that have 3/4 sleeves like the one in the two photos above. This dress has a slimming effect in a dark color. It has a great balance between enough coverage for an office Holiday party and a little skin to not look matronly.

I hope you are inspired and got some outfit ideas for your Office Holiday Party. I like that the dresses of Prom Times come in a huge choice of colors (28), are affordable, come in a huge range of sizes (UK size 6 to 30) and have classic style with a little twist.

Is your office not going for a formal dress code with its holiday party? I wrote a post on a business casual and informal holiday party outfits.

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Photos courtesy to PromTimes
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Prom Times. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote this post myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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