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Tan and navy make easily a great fall look

#fashionover40 #fashionover50 One baseball jacket 10 ways @ High Latitude Style @
#fashionover40 mature woman wearing summer items with fall wardrobe items
Brooks Brothers cable knit cashmere sweater, London boyfriend jeans, statement belt, Michael Kors summer sandals, and pearls (all own)

Skip buying a full fall wardrobe when fall is short where you live

Fall is very short in Interior Alaska. Most the time, the first flurries fly by mid September. Investing in fall clothes for just three to four weeks seems like a waste of money and real estate in my closet. I want that all my items work at least for three seasons. Thus, when it comes to fall, I have to be inventive.

#fashionover50 mature woman integrating summer items into her fall outfit
Side view of summer transition to fall outfit with Brooks Brothers short sleeve cable-knit cashmere sweater, London boyfriend jeans, collier de chien bracelet, and Michael Kors summer sandals (all own)

Look for summer items that have colors or vibes suitable for fall

These summer sandals have a high coverage on the front of the foot. Thus, on a dry fall day, they can do duty as “open-toe fall booties”. They match well the color of the baseball jacket that is perfect as cover-up when being outside. Indoors, the color of the belt picks up the color of the sandals which perfectly integrates them into the fall outfit.

#fashionover40 #fashionover50 integrating summer items into the fall wardrobe @ High Latitude Style @
London boyfriend jeans with Brooks Brothers sweater, tiger eye buckle statement belt, vintage pearls, Prada bag, Michael Kors summer sandals and Michael Kors baseball leather jacket (all own)

Despite the sweater has short sleeves and is a summer item, its dark navy blue and cable knit pattern in combination with the tan color make it a great addition to any fall outfit.

You can find other inspirations on how to wear a summer top, a nautical outfit, a Hawaiian shirt, a capri, or even a summer skirt in fall. Do you buy a complete fall wardrobe? Do you wear summer items in fall? How do you elongate the wear of your summer items into fall? How do you get the needed extra insulation to not feel cold? Let me know, I am curious tweet me.


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Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

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