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19 tips to look ageless in knits

#fashionover40 mature woman in white leather pants winter look
fashion over 40 mature woman looking ageless in a twinset

Knits are basics in the cold season

Knits are great to add color to our wardrobe. They are also comfortable and most of them do not require ironing. When wearing knits think beyond chunky heavy sweaters and jackets. Seasonless, light knits are great investments and layering pieces. Layering is a great trend this fall. Thin jersey allows for great cuts and tailoring. Thus, there are lots of options for ageless style in knits and there are no reasons for wearing baggy and chunky knits when temperatures drop into the single or negative digits.

fashion over 50 ageless look in knits
Striped skirt c/o eShakti with own Moda International knit sweater, August Silk cardigan, statement necklace, Jaeger tote, and Anne Klein slingback pumps

Knits that work for mature women

Here is list of knits and styling options of what works and what isn’t great fashion over 40 according to my experience as well as some inspirations how to style knits. Get inspired.

style over 50 woman in jersey wrap dress with delicate print Samantha Brown jersey wrap dress with a delicate print c/o HSN, accessorized with wood watch c/o Jord, worn with own Dr. Scholl wedges, Jones New York cardigan, and Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel

style over 40 mature woman with cotton jersey tailored dress eShakti tailored cotton jersey dress with Jaeger tote, Madden Girl lace-up sandals (all own), and wood watch c/o Jord

Ageless Style woman in fit-and-flare dress eShakti fit-and-flare color blocked cotton jersey dress with Anne Klein pumps and brooch (all own)/>

mature fashion woman wearing a cashmere V-neck sweater with A-line skirt GNW cashmere V-neck sweater with Burberry skirt and opera length pearl necklace (all own)

fashion over 40woman in mockneck cashmere sweater under a sheath dress Mockneck cashmere sweater under Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress with GNW tights (all own)
over 40 fashion cardigan over sheath dress Moda International long silk cashmere cardigan worn over Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress with GNW tights (all own)
40plusfashion woman in cable knit turtleneck sweater with pants Anne Klein cable knit turtleneck sweater with Newsport News leather pants, pearls, Kieselstein Cord belt, H-buckle, and Christian Louboutin pumps (all own)50plusfashionover woman in Fair Isle sweater with pencil skirt Eddie Bauer Fair Isle sweater with Ann Taylor leather pencil skirt, Kieselstein Cord belt, GNW tights, and Vince Camuto boots (all own)

What works

  1. Twinsets
  2. Knit skirt with cardigan as an unmatched suit
  3. Silk or cashmere sweater with and evening dress
  4. A cardigan instead of a blazer
  5. Cardigan over a shift or sheath dress
  6. Jersey layering top or cashmere/silk sweater under a sheath or jumper
  7. Tailored wool or cashmere sweater knit coats or jackets
  8. Cotton jersey tailored dresses
  9. Turtleneck Fair Isle sweater in natural colors with a pencil skirt, wool pants (for work in winter) or dark jeans on the weekend
  10. Fishermen cable-knit sweater with pencil skirt or wool pants (for work in winter) with jeans (for weekend)
advanced style woman in short sleeve cardigan with skirt
Back view of skirt c/o eShakti with own August Silk short sleeve cardigan, Jaeger tote, and Anne Klein slingback pumps

What doesn’t

  1. Tight and super mini knit dresses (sausage alert) with over-the-knee boots (too young)
  2. Baggy knit dresses
  3. Shapeless knit skirt plus baggy knit sweater/jacket combinations
  4. 50s’ cropped cardigans with beading along the neck and at the end of the sleeves
  5. Fair Isle vests
  6. Holiday sweaters
  7. Crochet bikinis
  8. Woodstock type crochet coats, jackets, vests or sweaters. It looks like you want to re-live your youth again. We are happy with who we are!
  9. Knit ponchos
fashion for mature women  putting a faux twinset together
Front view of “twinset ” made of Moda International cashmere sweater with August Silk short sleeve cardigan worn with Anne Klein pumps, Jaeger tote (all own) plus striped pencil skirt c/o eShakti

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Do you like wearing knits? What’s your favorite, sweater, cardigans, or dresses? Where do you wear them? How do you wear your knits? Have you already stocked up on knits for the cold season? Do you prefer knit tops or dresses? Let me know, I am curious. Send me an email.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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