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In August, Alaskans “celebrate” the day of light

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fashion over 50 twinset with pearls
eShakti lace skirt with Moda International cashmere sweater, August Silk short sleeve cardigan, L.K. Bennett open toe pumps, three string pearls and silver pearls (all own), short Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source, wooden watch c/o Jord

Imagine to live in a land with about 84 days of daylight followed by cutting about five to ten minutes every day after that until winter solstice. During those 84 days, you won’t need light, right? May be once in a while during a thunderstorm, but otherwise you walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, not switching on the lights. Even the light in the fridge or oven is unneeded.

fashionover40 OOTD cardigan with lace skirt
Back view on August Silk cardigan with eShakti lace skirt, L.K. Bennett pumps (all own) and wooden watch c/o Jord

Of course during that time, the few times you actually switch on the lights, by accident or because a thunderstorm rolls thru town, bulbs die and you would not even notice. I am talking about real light bulbs, the one forbidden now in Germany, formerly sold as heat bulbs. The ones that have not toxic stuff in them.

fashionover50 woman in black separates
eShakti lace skirt with August Silk cardigan, L.K. Bennett pumps (all own)

In August, when nights again make the aurora visible (It is there all summer, but during daylight you can’t see it.), with a sudden you need to switch on the lights when heading to the bathroom at night. OMG, no light! Or may be just one bulb left. Even worse when it happens in your walk-in closet! 😉

fashion over 40 woman in lace skirt and knit top
eShakti lace skirt with Moda International sweater, August silk cardigan, L.K. Bennett pumps (all own), wooden watch c/o Jord and own pearls plus Akoya single string pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source

The day, an Alaskan resident replaces the bulbs in the house/apartment is the “day of light.” This year, we will have to replace 17 bulbs! We will first have to make a stop at the store. 😉

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Photos: G. Kramm

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