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Evergreens ensure a right now denim-on-denim look

#fashionover40 #fashionover50 #denim-on-denim casual work outfit | High Latitude Style |
#fashionover40 #denim-on-denim mature woman in casual work outfit @
Blue One tailored light denim jacket with Liz Claiborne denim shirt dress, Coach bag, belt with tiger-eye buckle, Tissot stone watch, beaded necklace, and Dr. Scholl wedge sandals (all own)

Updressing the classics

Today’s casual work outfit encompasses just old, but timeless – read classic – items. I bought this denim shirt dress years ago before Gottschalk went out of business. Originally, it was a midi dress. I wore it as such back then, but did not like the midi look anymore. Then I just tailored it to my favorite above-the-knee length.

#fashionover50 #denim-on-denim casual work outfit inspiration for women over 40 @
Side view of outfit with Blue One tailored light wash denim jacket, Liz Claiborne denim shirt dress, and Dr. Scholl wedge sandals (all own)

Shopping mall in a railway station

The jacket “immigrated” with me from Germany. I got it in the Hauptbahnhof Leipzig mall that is underneath the Leipzig’s main railroad station. If you ever get to Leipzig, visit that mall. It has wonderful water plays. This railroad station is one of the nicest in Europe in my late mom’s and my opinion – a rare agreement.

#Coach-bag Dr. Scholl wedges and Coach bag @
Zoom-in on Coach bag and Dr. Scholl wedge sandals (all own)

The bag and wedges were consignment store finds. I have the stone watch since the 80s.

#maturefashion mature woman in denim shirt dress @
Back view of Liz Claiborne denim shirt dress, Coach bag, and Dr. Scholl wedge sandals (all own)

Denim in a classic cut is timeless

This denim-on-denim OOTD looks modern as these pieces are all classics. Do you have some evergreen items in your closet? What are they? Where did you find them? Let me know by email. You also may want to link them up below in addition to your OOTD.

#Coach-bag summer work bag @
Zoom-in on Coach bag, Tissot stone watch, croc imprinted belt with tiger eye belt buckle (all own)

Top of the World Style linkup-party

Thanks to those of you who linked up last week. It was a big, great party. It is a first that we have two Readers’ Fav OOTD. The links you clicked the most were by Jodie from Jodie’s Touch of Style and Shellie from The Fabulous Journey. Jodie shows how to style red sandals for three different age groups. Shellie is right on time looking fit and in style. It’s important in summer at any age! My favorite OOTD was by Ana from Mrs. American Made. I love blue lace dresses with winter white under-lining ever since Kate Middleton wore such a sheath dress. Ana demonstrates that lace looks even better with a full skirt and is ageless style (see post on looking ageless in lace).

Join the Top of the World Style linkup party on Thursday for a chance to become Top of the World Style OOTD | High Latitude Style |
Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav Shellie (left) and Jodie’s three ladies wearing red sandles (middle), and Ana (right). Photos from these fashionistas’ posts

Now let’s get the party going. Everyone of any age and gender is welcome to share their fashion and style posts.
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Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

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