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Diamonds not just 4 the opera and holidays

#Angara tension set round solitaire diamond
#Angara tension set round solitaire diamond

Who of us 40+ didn’t love Diamonds are for Ever with Sean Connery as James Bond. Who did not admire Blofeld’s white Persian cat wearing the diamond collar? We all secretly sympathized with Tiffany when on board of the cruise-ship, she asked Bond how they would get the diamonds back.

#Angara Princess cut solitaire diamond ring
Princess cut four prong diamond solitaire ring. With permission by Angara (2015)

I can’t remember what initially started my fascination for diamonds. It may have been the sparkle of the two small diamonds on my granny’s engagement ring, the solitaire of my mom’s engagement ring, or the fake diamonds on the Bambi brooch I had as a kid. I loved diamonds long before I learned in my geology class that diamonds are the hardest thing on Earth. Chemically, diamonds are charcoal that experienced extremely high pressure.

Anyhow, when I got married in the 90s, I wanted a tension set diamond wedding band.This style is an evergreen classic (see first photo in this post).

I don’t know a woman who does not love the sparkle of diamonds. Nevertheless, most women wear their diamonds just in form of a wedding band and engagement ring on a daily basis (see first two photos of this post). This restriction is a big mistake style-wise as diamonds look great with every outfit.

#Angara inline four prong diamond eternity tennis bracelet
Inline four prong diamond eternity tennis bracelet. With Permission of Angara (2015)

Just think of the tennis bracelet (photo above). It has its name for a reason. Why only wear it to the opera? Wear it with a white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Wear it to brunch or on casual Friday to work with straight jeans, and a short sleeve twinset. What about wearing a tennis bracelet with a sleeveless floral dress in summer? Such outfits are so effortlessly chic and affordable too. Santa, did you read this? Hint, hint!

#Angara classic Princess diamond basket studs
Classic Princess diamond basket studs. With permission of Angara (2015)

The sparkle of diamond studs or not too long diamond earrings enlightens your face. Who could count wrinkles when the diamonds break the light in all colors of the rainbow? Any diamonds close to your face (studs, earring, necklace, brooch) have the same effect.

I agree with Isaac Mizhari that every women needs diamonds. However, I disagree with him on waiting for inheriting them. Instead buy diamond jewelry for yourself! You deserve them and they are affordable, even on a budget with various payment, size and quality options.

Check out this online store to find the diamond piece(s) that up(s) your style from great to awesome. Wear them every day and the price-per-wear goes down fast. Over the years, your diamonds will turn out being much cheaper per wear than trendy costume jewelry you only wear one season.

Get diamonds to up your style, enjoy your diamonds and don’t save them for your heirs to sell them. Live first class before your heirs do.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

Disclosure: The post is endorsed by Angara. It was written entirely by myself and represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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