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Why you can walk in heels in the store, but nowhere else

#over40fashion winter outerwear | High Latitude Style |
#over40fashion winter outerwear | High Latitude Style |
Shearling coat worn with GNW tights, head band, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, tan leather gloves, and accessorized with attachable collar, tiger-eye buckle crocodile imprinted belt (all own)

The shoe mystery

Your new lovely (way too high) high heels felt quite bearable in the store. Actually, you thought you wouldn’t even have to abuse your hubby as a walking aid when you hobble in them. Now on the dinning table you committed your splurge, but with the same breath spit out that they were on sale and a great deal. Of course, you also needed a new pair for XYZ’s daughter’s wedding. Your hubby smiles – knowing you – and friendly pretends interest despite he never understands why one needs more than a pair of flip flop, sneakers, and dress shoes.

You walk into your walk-in-closet and pull the shoes on. Then it happens! Stuck! The shoes seem to be glued to the floor like Cinderella’s glass shoes on the stairs. Your feet want you to walk up the wall, if only you could walk at all!

Does this scene sound familiar? No, you aren’t crazy! It is all about physics and mean business tricks! 😦

#over50fashion wearing brown and black together  | High Latitude Style |
Oliveo pleated leather skirt worn with GNW tights, Michael Kors camouflage wedge sneakers, and raglan sleeve turtleneck cashmere sweater accessorized with Gucci belt, attachable collar, and pearls (all own)

The reality

You were in the store in the morning or during lunch break. In the evening, you had been on your feet all day and they are swollen, especially in warm climate regions and/or summer. Thus, the shoes seem tighter than they seemed to be in the store. Furthermore, your closet has tiles or normal household carpet, while shoe stores have very soft and thick carpets so that even Cinderella’s stepsisters could walk in her shoes.

Outsmart them

Buy in the late afternoon or evening and test-drive the shoes on some hard floor. And just in case, do not throw the receipt away before your shoes passed the test on hard surface. Put a thin foil on the surface so you don’t scratch the sole. When the shoes still feel bearable on hard floor, you are all set for the street’s runways called sidewalks.

#fashionover40 Work outfit  | High Latitude Style |
Oliveo leather skirt with turtleneck sweater, pearls, Gucci belt, GNW tights, and Michael Kors wedge sneakers (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm (2015)

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