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What to wear New Year’s Eve

#over40 Western bar outfit | High Latitude Style |

What wear on New Year’s Eve depends foremost on your plans, where you live, and what kind of transportation you plan to use. To get the idea, wearing a strapless long evening gown with a little faux fur stole and strappy 4 inch (10 cm) heels in a blizzard in New York guarantees you to start the New Year with a cold even when it is only five blogs to the opera. Take a cab!

Outfits for on the town

The photo below gives a suggestion for New Year’s Eve looks for walking from one bar to the next when you live some where down south. Take a coat and it also works for nasty rainy weather, with a down coat or shearling you are good also at below freezing temperatures when you have a big bag that holds your dance shoes.

fashion over 40 Western bar outfit | High Latitude Style |
London Boyfriend jeans with sequin striped tunic shirt, bomber leather jacket, and high toe studded heels (all own)
Fashion over 40 What to wear New Year's Eve Going out outfit @ High Latitude Style @
Variation of the outfit shown above with Tucker faux fur bomber jacket, London boyfriend jeans, studded heels (all own)

Sports Bar outfit

The next photo gives inspiration for an evening in a sports bar. The long sleeves, buttoned shirt and tights are not overly exposing skin to the cold and the views, and the shorts are festive, but go with the sport theme.

fashion over 40
Gold shorts with tights, button-down shirt, Mary Janes (all own)

New Year’s Eve dinner at a winter resort

Many winter resorts have dinning rooms with an open fire. One never knows where one will be seated for dinner. Close to the fire it may be comfortable or even too hot. Far away, it may be too chilly for a cocktail dress. To stay on the safe side and not freeze or have to fight with a stole while eating wear a lace top under your lace cocktail dress as is shown in the photo below.

fashion over 40
Black lace low-high hem dress with lace layering top worn underneath for a New Year’s Eve dinner party

Dance party at a tropical resort

A black floral asymmetric hem dress is sultry and cannot be mistaken as your beach dress. Put on some silver or leopard high heels and you are ready for an Argentine Tango with the macho of your choice ;).

fashion over 40
Floral dress with asymmetric hem over lace slip with leopard print T-strap Neo Tango heels (all own)

What are you planning to do for New Year’s Eve?
Are you throwing a party or staying at home browsing fashion over 40 blogs? Let me know by sending me an email.

Celebrate safely. Happy New Year!

Photos: G. Kramm (2013, 2014)

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