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Spring Step review – European comfort for your feet

#over40 Outfit with Spring Step comfort shoes | High Latitude Style |
fashion over 40 Spring Step comfort shoes review | High Latitude Style |
Comfort shoes c/o Spring Step styled with European style cut jeans, wool cashmere sweater, silk cashmere cardigan, pearls, belt and bangles for a stylish office winter look

In Europe, parking space is tight, and you have to literally run your errands. Since Europeans have to walk distances of ten or more blogs every day, they are very picky about their shoes. Their shoes must be comfortable, work appropriate, stylish, durable in time and all weather, and affordable at the same time. Sounds like magic, close to impossible?

No. The Europeans figured this out. No, you don’t need to save for a trip to Europe to get such magic shoes. Spring Step, a Florida based company, brings such magic shoes with European comfort to the US market. Spring Step has five unique fashion-forward, comfort-shoe collections: Spring Step, L’Artiste, Azura, Flexus, and Patrizia. Each of their collections covers a range of different shoe types. The shoes that I am wearing in this post are from the Spring Step collection in city style. They are called Marsha, and are also available in patent leather and pewter. I have the Marsha black lycra (see photo below for a close-up view).

fashion over 40 Outfit with Spring Step comfort shoes  | High Latitude Style |
Side and top view of the European comfort footwear c/o Spring Step

The wedge heel has just the right height to stand and walk comfortable in them (photo above). The plateau sole is thick enough to insulate your feet well to not get cold when waiting ten minutes for the bus at below freezing temperatures. Their sole gives good hold on all kind of surfaces even on a snowpack (photo below).

fashion over 40 Outfit with Spring Step comfort shoes styled for the city  | High Latitude Style |
European comfort shoes c/o Spring Step worn in a winter in the city style

The shoes and their sole are very flexible. Inside, the Spring Step Marsha have a memory foam that adjusts to the feet. They feel like walking on a beach – like vacations for the feet. Or as their slogan says comfort with every step.

Like typical for European footwear, the Spring Step Marsha are easy to style for multiple occasion. I think these comfy city shoes will be my new travel shoes. They can be slipped on and off easily when going thru security. The Marsha Spring Step look great with boot-cut jeans like in the first photo of this post (see also close-up at the end of this post) or with a dress or skirt (see photo below). Thus, no packing of a second pair of shoes is needed when you wear them on your travel for a weekend, family visit or two-day business trip. These shoes will be also my go to when I expect to run errands or stand for a long time. I can imagine Spring Step comfort shoes are also a stylish alternative for any professionals who are up on their feet and/or have to walk a lot at work like medical personnel, waitresses, flight attendants, cashiers, or teachers, you name it.

fashion over 40 Outfit with Spring Step comfort shoes and skirt | High Latitude Style |
This photo shows an example of styling the comfort shoes c/o Spring Step with a cashmere sweater, full leather skirt and tights. It also illustrates the wedge height and nice lycra fabric of the shoes

The Spring Step women shoe collections also encompass booties, cowboy boots, Mary Janes, T-strap shoes, slippers, and knee-high boots. They also have nice classic, comfortable shoes for men and kids that can be styled for a variety of occasions. In addition, Spring Step has free shipping. Alaskans love this.

fashion over 40 Spring Step Marsha comfort shoes  close-up | High Latitude Style |
Zoom-in on the European comfort shoes c/o Spring Step when worn with jeans

Disclosure: The shoes are a sample courtesy to Spring Step. This post is not endorsed by Spring Steps. It represents my own and 100% honest opinion.

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

Copyright 2013, 2014 Nicole Mölders | All rights reserved

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