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Great outfits you loved in November

#fashionover40 #fashionover50 How to look stylish and fashion forward on a budget @ High Latitude Style @
#over40 #over40fashion #maturewomen #workoutfit #HighLatitudeStyle  #stylingtip
Red suede skirt with purple-white-black tweed tailored jacket, pink mock turtleneck cashmere sweater, black tights and Harley Davidson booties accessorized with a scarf (all own) that picks up all the colors of the outfit and a gemstone necklace c/o Almo Jewellery

Time flies. It seems just like some weeks ago that we put our Halloween costumes into storage. Now Thanksgiving is over. Even the last leftovers made it onto today’s lunch sandwich. The feet still hurt from shopping on Black Friday. Online stores look forward to Cyber Monday, while our credit card probably doesn’t. In 25 days, the next big holiday comes up. Well furthermore, it is the last day of November meaning – recap.

The most visited links where Rehearsal of an Alaska fashion show and PJs in Alaska.

#streetstyle @ High Latitude Style Burberry plaid blazer with Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle, burgundy patent leather ankle strap pumps and statement necklace (own) and double layered mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store
 #over40fashion #streetstyle @ High Latitude Style @ Fuchsia cashmere cardigan with light blue boyfriend leather pants, brown Gucci, brown booties and printed LV silk scarf (all own) belt

The post that received the most likes were One easy DIY trick to look slim when layering and Recognize a fault when you see it.

#AlmoJewellery #CasualFriday #streetstyle @ High Latitude Style Back view to illustrate how the DIY clip provides some shape to the straight-up-and-down utility jacket

#fashionover40 High Latitude Style Wear leather on leather Red tights and suede skirt worn with a winter white cotton cardigan as a top under a tailored brown leather jacket with zipper details

I also started a new series called Dress for Success. You can read already the first two posts on dressing for success in engineering and when attending a science conference. The next post of this series goes up next Wednesday.

My monthly series Avoid rocky blogging mistakes featured social media. The next post of this series goes up December 9, 2014.

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#over40 #maturewomen #over40fashion #HighLatitudeStyle  #workoutfit  #stylingtip
Zoom-in on the scarf that inspired the color combination of this OOTD


#bag #HighLatitudeStyle  #workoutfit
Zoom-in on the bag and details of the pea coat

Now to the new OOTD. Here I used the colors of the scarf as inspiration. The floral print has purple, pink, red blue and white on a black background. Thus, I pulled items in these colors from my closet, the pink cashmere mock turtleneck sweater, the red suede skirt, and the back-purple-white tweed jacket. I tied the scarf as a belt as it tied the colors together.

To stay warm I am wearing a long sleeved T-shirt underneath the sweater (not visible), otherwise normal under garments for a women and two pairs of tights. With temperatures below zero (-18C) the uppermost pair of tights are those with flannel inside. The flannel captures some air. Thus, it creates a thin air layer between the two pairs of tights. Air is not a good conductor. Thus, it provides at least enough insulation to walk thru the parking lot without feeling uncomfortable.

I am really into my red pea coat that I bought on sale for this fall. This time I styled my outerwear just in red and black. Such a sultry color combination even when no skin (except the face) is showing. It is amazing how many different ways one can style a winter coat when one tries not to get into a winter rut. Avoiding a winter rut is key with seven month of winter up here in Alaska.

#over40 #maturewomen #over40fashion #HighLatitudeStyle  #workoutfit
Red pea coat with black beret hat, bag, tights, booties and scarf for a classic winter outer outfit in sultry colors

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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