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Five tips to wear snake print at the office

#Styletips #officelook #snakeprint #HighLatitudeStyle
#Styletips #officelook #snakeprint #HighLatitudeStyle
Ankle length snake print leather pants combined with a classic Burberry plaid blazer, matching button-up linen shirt (all own) for an office appropriate look

Snake print reads risky for an office outfit as snake print is often associated with overly sexy or culturally burdened as evil. There are some simple rules to keep snake print office appropriate.

  1. Avoid the sexy route by keeping your cleavage covered and your hem at least knee length if it is a skirt, not too tight when the item are pants
  2. Choose a classic cut for your snake print piece (read: no ruffles, embroidery, fringes added, bell bottoms, etc.)
  3. Make the snake print the statement item in a neutral sense, i.e. add other neutrals. They can be even a (classic) pattern themselves as is shown here. Avoid adding a statement color (like burnt orange, fuchsia, neon anything) that would compete with the snake print for the attention.
  4. Choose a high quality fabric for your snake print piece. You will not wear it often, but for several years to come. Cheap cotton or lycra knits like in $9.99 leggings read cheap and make you a fashion victim.
  5. Pick a snake print in a color that looks as natural as a snake in nature. Fantasy snake prints are for kids and Walt Disney movies. 😉

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Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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