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July recap plus new OOTD

#LoftDistressedBoyfriendJeans #RalphLaurenPumps #ZebraPrintCardigan #LongchampPilageCuire
#LoftDistressedBoyfriendJeans #RalphLaurenPumps  #ZebraPrintCardigan  #LongchampPilageCuire
Loft distressed boyfriend jeans with denim shirt, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, GNW zebra print cardigan, and Longchamp pilage cuire sunflower yellow bag (all own)
#LoftDistressedBoyfriendJeans #RalphLaurenPumps  #ZebraPrintCardigan  #LongchampPilageCuire
GNW zebra print cardigan, Loft distressed BF jeans, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, denim shirt, and pilage. Belt buckle DIY (all own)

Today I am wearing my distressed Loft boyfriend jeans with a denim shirt. To avoid a so-called Texas tuxedo look I added my Ralph Lauren silver pumps, GNW zebra cardigan and sunflower yellow bag for a polished urban look. I rolled up the sleeves for styling. The belt buckle stems from my college time. I made it in a recreational class.

Time is flying. It is already August which means summer is nearly over and never had really been here in Interior Alaska. Typically summer smells like a burning campfire somewhere in the distance because of the wildfires. This summer we did not have any smoke episodes as it rained so much. Temperatures rarely reached the 80s (26.7C). Anyhow, there is still August which is usually the rainiest months in the Interior :(.

August means also July Recap. Since it was so rainy my July recap may be a great cheat sheet for September inspirations in warmer climates than Alaska’s Interior ;). Here are your three July favorites.

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Since in September the first flurries may fly up here in the Interior I am busy working editing and updating my fall wardrobe. In case you want to get ahead of the curve in shopping for fall stop by on Wednesday for the third of my series Five Tips to Create a Working Fall Wardrobe. See here if you missed the first and second tip .

What will you do with the rest of your summer? Any exciting plans?

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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