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Wrong attire can cause trouble

#suedeSkirt #LinenBlazer #AlmoJewellery #vintageBag #leopardPrintPumps #HighLatitudeStyle
#suedeSkirt #LinenBlazer #AlmoJewellery #vintageBag #leopardPrintPumps #HighLatitudeStyle
Red suede skirt with silk cashmere sweater, steal blue blazer, Almo Jewellery statement necklace, leopard print pumps and vintage Esprit bag

It is 7:15am on a rainy, chilly day. She walks thru the grocery store pushing her chart from aisle to aisle loading one item after the other. She looks like she hardly notices her environment except the merchandise she is dumping into the chart. She is wearing a red suede skirt with a silk knit sweater, a steal blue linen blazer, and 4 inch (10cm) leopard print pointy toe shoes. Her vintage Esprit bag sits in the child seat of the chart.

She passes the dairy shelves when with a sudden her face becomes terrified. She hears that someone is stalking behind her. She turns into the next aisle with the dog food despite she is one of the rare Alaskans who does not have a dog.  She still hears the steps. They follow her and get faster. She is about to panic and hastes out of the dog aisle into the open space of the fruit and vegetable section. Now the steps are beside her, a second later on her side. She looks to the side. A guy passes and says “you look beautiful”.

I cannot see the face she made, but I am sure she made a face as she often carries her heart on her face. The guy is irritated by her face and asks “Are you on your way to work?” She gets back into the real world. “Yes” she replies realizing that he is one of the store’s employees. He smiles and says “That explains why you are so nicely dressed up.”

Memo to myself “Never wear your power outfit when you do grocery shopping in Alaska early in the morning.” At that time, there are hardly any shoppers and the usual attire are jogging pants, and a  T-shirt or outdoor clothes, but not an office outfit that is appropriate to give a presentation at a professional conference.

Have you ever been in a situation where you realized you did not fit the dress code?

P.S. As you probably know, I am currently taking a writing class on wordpress. This post was a homework assignment where we were supposed to write from two different perspectives about a silly, but real event. Thus, don’t worry about me, I am not splitting into two persons. LOL. I just wanted to share this post with you as people, who read it, thought it is funny. I hope it also tickled your funny bone. 🙂

#suedeSkirt #LinenBlazer #AlmoJewellery #vintageBag #leopardPrintPumps #HighLatitudeStyle
Steal blue linen blazer with rolled up sleeves for a stylish look over a silk cashmere sweater with suede skirt. This outfit allows to stay warm on a day in the upper 50s (about 14C)

For other examples how I styled this skirt to stay warm on chilly summer days see here and here.

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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