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Almo Jewellery works with every style

#AlmoJewllery #BrazilJewellery #AlmoReview
#AlmoJewllery #BrazilJewellery #AlmoReview
Cole up on a delicate and bold semi-precious necklace from Almo Jewellery

A couple of weeks ago Alexander from Almo Jewellery invited me to review their jewellery offers and a sample necklace. I felt very honored by his request. After browsing their webpage I was very excited about what I saw and accepted to share this wonderful resource with my lovely readers.

Almo Jewellery is an online store specializing in fashion jewellery  and accessories from Brazil. They offer everything from very feminine, delicate necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets to big statement pieces in all these categories. Their fashion jewellery is 18 carat gold plated and silver plated. They also have a gemstone collection  that combines gemstones with 18 carat gold plated and silver plated necklaces, rings, earrings of bracelets like the necklace shown above and below. Almo Jewellery will add a pretty cool must-have leather bracelets (I saw the preview).

#AlmoJewllery #BrazilJewellery #AlmoReview
Almo Jewellery 18K gold plated jade and onyx necklace

What I like most about the Almo Jewellery collections are the combination of very delicate with bold (see photo above), the great craftmanship and quality, and their being very affordable.  The designs are all very contemporary and feel fresh, fashion forward and modern. Even the retro style pieces feel new (see e.g. here). The big pieces of their collections, even those from the gemstone collection, are so versatile and intelligently designed that they work well both as the statement piece of an outfit or in the supporting roll as in the outfit (see photos below). The pieces of their  Limited Edition Azure Collection will take any great beach outfit to a head turner. As you know accessories take a simple outfit to polished and stylish. Almo fashion jewellery is like the salt on the steak so to speak.

#Almo Jewellery #JewelleryFromBrazil
Almo 18K gold plated white jade and black onyx necklace with sheath dress for a polished elegant office look
#Almo Jewellery #JewelleryFromBrazil #18KGoldPlatedJadeOnyxNecklace
Almo Jewellery 18K gold plated onyx and white jade with sheath dress and cardigan as a polished and modern work outfit
#Almo Jewellery #FashionJewelleryFrom Brazil
Almo Jewellery 18K gold plated onyx and white jade necklace with chinos and knitted cashmere sweater for a casual look

The necklace that Almo Jewellery gave me for close inspection of the quality and material, is 18K gold platted and has three multiple faceted white jade stones and four faceted onyx (you can order it here). It arrived neatly gift wrapped (see photo below).

#Almo Jewellery
Gift wrapped Almo Jewellery as it arrives.

I wore this necklace for the first time on a muggy day – you know these days when the air seems to stand and your sweat has nowhere to go because it is so humid. Despite my skin is very sensitive I did not get any irritations, which I usually do with fashion jewellery. This fact made another plus for them.

#Almo Jewellery #Fashion Jewellery and Accessories
Almo Jewellery 18K gold plated onyx and white jade necklace worn as a statement piece giving a classic outfit a modern and fresh vibe

Almo Jewellery has a sale going on right now with selected pieces being up to 20% off. Even if you do not intend to buy any jewellery right now, Check out the Almo Jewellery page just to get inspired when you may need something in the future. If you need another reason than curiosity:  June is the right time to get ahead of the holiday shopping curve. LOL.

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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