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Dancing Queen

#Fit-and-flare-leather-dress #sunfloweryellow_pilage_bag #red
Fit-and-flare leather dress
Fit-and-flareleatherdress #pilagebag #redpumps
Leather dress with sunflower yellow bag

Last fall I wore this dance dress for work a couple of times (here, here). This leather dress twirls really nicely when I spin during dancing. I really love spinning. To not show to much I always wear biker shorts under all my dance dresses. I always try to have them in a matching color to my dress so it does look seamless and not funny.

At balls in winter, I even wear leggings under my long gown. However, then it is not for protection of “sight”, it is to ensure I can wear strappy elegant sandals. Thus, going to the ball I would have wool socks and boots on. Once I arrive at the ballroom, I would take off the boots and socks and slip into sandals. Then I also would push the legging to above my knee so they would not show when I spin with the gown.

The wedding season is coming up with a lot of outdoor venues. How do you handle “black tie” or “formal” when it is cold or chilly?

#Fit-and-flare-leather-dress #sunfloweryellowbag #redpumps
Leather dress with red pumps
Fit-and-flareLeatherDress #yellowLongchampBag #redpumps
View on the leather bow

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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