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You can look awesome in the fringe trend over 40

#maturefashion woman wearing the fringe and ethnic trend over 40
Blue fringe blanket scarf belted over a shearling coat worn with blue polka dot tights, structured bag and Harley Davidson booties (all own)

In spring a scarf turns from insulator to accessory

Polka dots scream spring. The ice is meltwater from yesterday frozen over night. It means spring. Here the fringed scarf is just to add color and not for insulation anymore. This means spring. The tribal pattern belt holds the scarf in place and adds shape. The blue of the belt buckle and belt keep within the blue and black theme.

#mature-women Styling a LBD for work  | High Latitude Style |
Little black dress over dark Oliveo denim shirt with blue polka dot tights, D&GM sunglasses, and L.K. Bennett patent leather pumps (all own)

Dress down a LBD with a denim shirt

Underneath I wore my LBD with a denim shirt with rolled up sleeve – recall it is spring – and my polka dot tights and blue patent leather L.K. Bennett pumps. The brooch shown below is a DIY. I made it in graduate school in a recreational silver smithing class.

#over40fashion Woman in LBD and denim shirt work outfit
Dark Oliveo denim shirt, GAP LBD, tights, D&GM sunglasses, DIY brooch, and L.K. Bennett pumps for a work appropriate look

Do you like the fringe trend? If so, how do you style it? Let me know, I am curious. Send me an email.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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