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#over40 Best of streetstyle winning outfit | High Latitude Style |
Silver leather pants with black cashmere sweater, DGM sunglasses, snake print open toe booties (all own)
#over40 Best of streetstyle winning look  | High Latitude Style |
Cashmere sweater with silver pants, open toe booties and sunglasses for a mature streetstyle look

Well definitely these pants are silver, not gold or katzengold. Ever since I took my mineral distinction class in graduate school, I was fascinated by metallic minerals, especially, the pale brass yellow  katzengold. I liked it best when it was available as a mineral. A nice pyrite cube as it forms in nature. This iron sulfide mineral often occurs with other sulfides or oxides in sedimentary rock, quartz veins, coal or metaphoric rock. Sometimes you see these granite floors with brass gold touches. That’s it. Katzengold or pyrite how it is called correctly. In fossils, pyrite often replaced the former animals soft tissue. Katzengold oxides fast when in contact with oxygen. Thus, the fact that in geologically very, very old sedimentary rocks of former river beds  in South Africa one can find rounded pyrite grains means that at that ancient time, there has not yet been oxygen in the atmosphere. These are the same ancient river beds where also real gold is found.

Enough science for today. Your are here for the OOTD. I am wearing my silver leather pants. They have zippers half way up the calves, but I like to wear the zippers often. No idea way. I just like the look of it better than when the pants are zipped. I paired these wild pants with a classic cable knit  black cashmere sweater, snake patterned open toe booties, a gray belt, and some necklaces.

For the commute I kept with the gray-black of the booties with my gray-black light shearling coat worn open, a scarf and pom pom hat that serve for style, not insulation. The casual vibe of the outer outfit tunes the wild pants down, especially with the structured bag.

#over40 Mature streetstyle look  | High Latitude Style |
Shearling winter coat worn over silver leather pants accessorized with cashmere Chevron scarf, pom pom hat, structured bag abd open toe snake skin print booties

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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