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Alaska spring blues

#over-40 Work outfit  | High Latitude Style |
Light blue leather pants with turtleneck cashmere sweater, Chanel belt, pumps and DIY statement necklace (all own)
Floral pumps  | High Latitude Style |
Zoom-in on the floral pumps

Alaska has two seasons, winter and construction. Construction season (summer) is short. Even though the calendar says spring already, it is still miserably cold outside. The sun is low and shines bright into my face as you can tell from my face. The sun’s reflections on the snow are very strong, bright and not great for the eyes. When taking the photos I felt very cold and nearly slipped on the ice. What seems like dark concert, actually is yesterday’s meltwater puddle frozen over night.

Despite the odds of Alaska spring, I try to at least dress like spring to not get into the Alaska spring or winter blues. Thus, I wore pastel leather pants in light blue with my floral pumps. The first flowers of spring so to speak ;). I love the combination of light blue and gray. Thus, my turtleneck cashmere sweater was the choice of the day. For the commute I wore my lightest shearling coat and open toe booties with (two pairs of) socks. The cap is just for style, but not needed anymore for insulation.

#over-40-fashion Winter look  | High Latitude Style |
Shearling coat styled with a Russian scarf, man’s driver’s cap, open toe booties, structured bag, Ray Ban mirroed sunglasses, and gloves (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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