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Danger of spring

#over40 #streetstyle Mature women wearing streetstyle  | High Latitude Style |
Camouflage cargo pants with black cashmere sweater, blush quilted leather jacket, pearls, statement belt, and Double H lace-up booties (all own)
#over40 #streetstyle   | High Latitude Style |
Side view on streetstyle look of camouflage cargo pants with blush quilted leather jacket

The sky is blue in Interior Alaska. Temperatures are just around the freezing point. The air looks very clear, i.e. it probably has a low water vapor content. One can literally watch the snow going. Puddles are everywhere and freeze in the late afternoon when temperatures fall below the freezing point again. The dangerous part is that in the dark, you cannot see whether it is the dark ground or ice on dark ground. I nearly made some ground contact yesterday by stepping on clear ice.

Not only nature shifts towards spring here in the Interior. My OOTD also shows some first spring trends, a pastel pink quilted leather jacket. Since I am more a dark and bold color person, I paired the jacket with my camouflage cargo pants and a black cashmere sweater plus double HH lace-up booties.

While during lunch break the above outfit is just warm enough (remember Alaskans have odd sensitivity for temperature), it is still in the mid to upper 10s (-12C) in the morning and evening. Thus, a coat for insulation from the ambient air is a must. Here I am wearing my lightest (read the one with the least insulation) shearling coat with my Russian scarf and my beret. I have to admit that it is warm enough (for me) that I could skip on the head protection, but I love wearing hats (here, herehere, here, here) for a style statement.

#over40 #streetstyle  | High Latitude Style |
Shearling coat with Russian scarf, beret, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, camouflage cargo pants, and lace-up Double H booties (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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