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Giraffe with plaid – master an unexpected great look

Image #fashionover40 plaid dress with giraffe sweater for a mature work outfit

Styling a plaid sheath dress

Here I am wearing my plaid sheath with my giraffe cashmere sweater under the dress on a day with snow showers (see the snow flakes in the photo below). This sheath dress was one of my go-to pieces this winter. I style it as a variation of the mad man look, with a burnt red cardigan, Rock’n Roll stle), while the giraffe sweater was a little underused.

Pair the outwear to what shows of the outfit underneath

As it is still below freezing I wore my Burberry London motorcycle coat with a head band, and my Harley Davidson booties. There is still a while to go until spring will spring in Alaska.

#maturefashion styling motorcycle coat

Did you have a piece that you wore over and over this winter? What was it? Why did you wear it so often? Answering this question will help adding new pieces or replacing pieces in your closet.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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