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Light and shadow

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Ever since I drove down the autoroute du solei in spring at age 19, I am in love with the play of light and shadow. In springtime in the Interior, sunny days produce a great display of light and shadow like  in the Provence. However, while sycamores cause the shadows on the streets of southern France, in Alaska, black and white spruce, birch, and alder cause the shadows on icy roads. Furthermore, in Alaska, the sun is much lower in the sky than in southern France. However, including the long subarctic twilight, now the time of daylight already exceed that of darkness despite the official date of spring onset is still about a week to go. Due to the low sun zenith angle in the subarctic, the shadows are also much longer than they are in southern France in spring. Another big difference are the temperatures and hence how to dress.

Here I am wearing a black sequin top – another form of light and shadow ;). I paired it with a plaid blouse under a black cotton cardigan with a black leather pencil skirt, black tights, Harley Davidson booties, and a blue and green necklace that picks up the colors of the plaid shirt.

The “outer outfit” is my leopard diamond patterned jacket, a hat band to keep my ears warm, and a brown bag. The brown bag fits into the outfit due to the brown and black pattern of the jacket.


Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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