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Styling a plaid blanket over 40 at 40 below

#over40  Winter outfit for 40 below  | High Latitude Style |
Plaid blanket scarf over long shearling coat belted for shape, accessorized with hat, gloves, Celine bag (all own)
#over40  Winter outfit to stay warm at freezing temperatures | High Latitude Style |
Side view of the plaid blanket over long shearling coat outfit to show the hood of the coat

At temperature of 40 below (-40F, -40C), one either has to wear a down coat or a long thick shearling coat with a blanket on top. I am not particularly a fan of down anoraks as I am allergic to downs. Thus, I prefer using layers and layers, which of course makes me also look like a dumpling. But at least, a stylish dumpling. I have several of these wraps/blankets that I can wear around this long shearling coat. I usually belt the blanket/wrap to give the outfit some shape as shown above.

Under this outer outfit, I of course, wore long sleeve silk underwear under my indoor outfit. It consist of my tweed skirt, argyle cashmere sweater, and a cashmere cardigan. Double tights and extra socks are a must as well. Taking the indoor outfit picture outside is an extra challenge at these temperatures. I have to admit that taking for the photo, I wore the suede boots, despite I wore my gray pumps at the office. I just could not bear the cold feet taking the photo with the pumps. When wearing pumps the indoor outfit gets a Euro Chic vibe with all the pearl necklaces like Mademoiselle.

#over40 Mature work outfit | High Latitude Style |
Argyle cashmere sweater under cashmere cardigan worn over tweed skirt and tights with Vince Camuto suede boots accessorized with multiple strings of pearls (all own)
#fashionover40 Classic winter work outfit | High Latitude Style |
Side view of winter work outfit with sweater, cardigan, tweed skirt, tights, boots and pearls

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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