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#over40 Short-sleeve blazer | High Latitude Style |
Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses with striped T-shirt, white short-sleeve blazer, London boyfriend jeans, statement belt, structured bag, and Ralph Lauren silver pumps (all own)

Are you astonished that I do not wear something with yellow and black stripes or a yellow jacket? No, I am not color blind. The top really has white and black stripes.

Surprise, surprise. Today I really write about these fashionably yellow black striped wasps. Why? Ok. It was time to paint the porch. So I put my old blue jeans on and a T-shirt, got the paint and the brush. Everything was ready to go. I just had stirred the paint and started to paint. When touching the wood of the porch I was quickly reminded of the scene in Independence Day where the Air Force tries to attack the Aliens’ spaceship and all these fighter planes come out of that spaceship.

About 20 or more yellowjackets came out from below the porch towards me. I ran as fast as I could. They followed me about 20 yards. Then they went back and flew around the paint bucket. I had to wait 10 minutes before I could retrieve the bucket. I decided that I do the deck first and paint the porch when the first night frosts come. After this incident, I now understand why the worst nightmare for every Alaskan, who lives in a dry cabin, is to have yellowjackets in the outhouse.

#over40 Short-sleeve blazer over 40| High Latitude Style |
Front view on above outfit to show of the H-belt and DIY necklace (all own)

Now to the reason why you are on this page. Here is the description of the outfit, of course not the one I was wearing when painting. 😉 I am wearing London Jeans, a black and white striped T-shirt and my white short sleeve linen blazer that I bought in Germany. The silver pumps are Ralph Lauren. The sun glasses are Ray Ban and my this year’s addition to the collection.  I made the necklace myself when I was in college.

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

Copyright 2013 Nicole Mölders | All rights reserved

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