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Fair weather

#over40 weekend look for over 40 | High Latitude Style |
Boyfriend jeans with Charhartt T-shirt, painted silk scarf, gladiator heels, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, and Ray Ban mirrored (all own)sunglasses (all own)

Last week I was joking on this blog about the weather for the Tanana Valley Fair that opened its doors this Friday. I said that the weather would stay great until this Friday (August 2) and then would get bad. Well, meteorologists often do weather forecasts. However, I have to admit this joke was science based to a certain degree. There are the long-term forecasts, the climatology and the likelihood that after a long heat wave, the high pressure system will finally weaken.

According to climatology, August is the months with the most rain and the rain season typically starts late July. Thus, in previous years, the fair often was a rainy affair. Therefore, organizers pushed the time a week earlier in hope of fair fair weather. Thus, many people in Fairbanks joked that according to Murphy’s law (which is based on statistical likelihood), the week after the fair will have the fair weather.

Well nature behaved well following physical laws. On Friday, cirrus clouds moved in followed by altocumulus, altostratus, and at about 10:30pm, or 2230 as a meteorologist would say, the sky was overcast. Cirrus clouds are the ones that look feathery, altocumulus are the clouds that look like sheep, and altostratus gives the impression that the sky is just gray at about 3.1 mile (5 km) height or more. This sequence of clouds is typical for a warm front moving in/passing by.

(Un)fortunately, Fairbanks did not receive any rain so far. While no rain is good for the fair, it is bad for the wildfires near Fairbanks. It had been very dry lately. The water vapor channel of GOES West shows a lot of water vapor over the Gulf of Alaska and another low approaching from the Aleutian Chain.

Here I am wearing rolled-up jeans (Olivero), strappy sandals, a gray Carhartt T-shirt, Ray Ban sunglasses and a hand-painted silk scarf. I bought that scarf in a mall in Leipzig, Germany several years ago as the leopard painted on the scarf has a face like my cat Kasimir. The colors of the scarf are picked up by the colors of the sandals or vice versa. The bag is an exchange. My girlfriend had gotten this high-end bag from a great-aunt, However, she is more the “California casual, I love my backpack” type of gal. I once got a nice leather backpack, but I never wore. It was not me at all. Thus, we just trade these bags. I really love this beige snake print bag. It is so me.

#over40 weekend look for over 40 | High Latitude Style |
Front view of above weekend look for women over 40

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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