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Let sky and color wheel inspire you for a cool look

Look at nature for inspirations of outfit color combinations

The Bavarian flag has diamonds in white and blue. It is said to represent the Bavarian sky’s fair weather clouds. I love these flat cauliflower-like clouds which are called cumulus humilis by meteorologists. These clouds are called fair weather clouds as they are too flat to provide rain. Their typical lifetime is about 30 minutes. They are about 1 km in diameter. They form when a huge bubble of warm, moist air rises and reaches saturation at higher levels. Then small droplets build on little particles called cloud condensation nucleii (CCN). If these CCN would not exist, supersaturation of about 400% would be needed to from droplets according to quantum statistical calculations.

I find clouds fascinating and the white and blue of the sky inspired me to create a weekend outfit with my gingham shirt.

fashionover40 weekend look with leather shorts
Carhartt Gingham shirt, Oliveo leather shorts, Michael Kors plateau sandals, Kieselstein Cord belt buckle, Ray Ban sunglasses,  and hat (all own)

Complimentary colors are great for chic outfits

Here I am wearing a gingham blue and white button down shirt with my leather shorts. Well, as I said earlier this week, currently, I am into orange accessories. I wear my orange bag and cork plateau orange sandals again. They give me some height and are super-comfy and look relaxed. They are less risky with leather shorts than high heels would be. Well, I have an excuse for the orange in this outfit, orange is the complimentary color to blue, i.e. a great match. And, moreover, the Bavarians have a Lion as their mascot and lions are orange, right? Furthermore, orange and blue as well as white and black are complimentary colors. Thus, perfect for a multi-color outfit without looking like having fallen into a box of crayons.

Here are two other angles on the weekend outfit.

style over 40 mature weekend look with shorts
Front view of weekend look with Carhartt Gingham shirt, Oliveo leather shorts, Kieselstein Cord belt buckle, Ray Ban sunglasses, Michael Kors patent leather sandals and straw baseball hat (all own)
fashion over 40 woman in street style
Other view of weekend look with Kieselstein Cord belt buckle, Ray Ban sunglasses, Carhartt button down shirt, Oliveo shorts, Michael Kors cork plateau sandals and straw hat (all own)

I removed the front pocket of the shirt. My apologies to the designer, but I do not like just one pocket. It provides an asymmetry that I am not into.

Do you alter your clothes beyond shortening a hem or adjusting the fit? How do you come up with the color combinations of your outfits? What do you take for inspiration. Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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